How to save money for your child?Insurance savings program

Remember children's insurance, that many other parents once: regularly into your account at Sberbank certain amount of money, and in 18 years an adult child receives at the hands of a tidy sum.

Since the beginning of the restructuring is a good beginning has been completely discredited, but now again offers various savings programs for children.

Everywhere around the world, parents start to think about the future of the children almost before they were born: accumulate money for education, starting a business, to adulthood, etc. There are some programs in our country..The purpose of these programs is that you can choose, in which event you want to make your children a gift, sign a contract with the insurance company to pay the premiums regularly, and on the eve of the day specified in the contract your son or daughter receives the accumulated amount.

can accumulate money for the children, and on deposit.Interest on the deposit will be higher than those offered by the insurance company, but the accumu

lation of time, usually no more than five years in the best case, at the time, as insurance companies offer the opportunity to save money from five to fifteen years.

If you decide to take this opportunity to make the future a material gift to children, the first to explore all options.First, decide for yourself what you need money: to study the child, his daughter a dowry, or just give a gift to adulthood, because it depends on it and the sum insured.

Do not try to accumulate too large amount, because it is necessary to take into account your specific financial opportunities.According to the insurers, the insured amount should not be more than 5 of your annual income, and the annual fee - no more than 10 percent of annual income.That is, if you earn 10,000 rubles a month, then your income for 5 years is 600 000 rubles.This will be the amount of insurance.But you can make to the insurance contract and a large sum if you are confident in their prospects.

Regular contributions depend on the term of the contract.But advantageous to make contributions every year, instead of every month.In your contributions accrue interest, as a rule, it is 3-5 percent per annum.The insurance company may not charge interest, and once a year, and more often.

But you should know that to break the contract with the insurance company, without financial implications will not work.If the bank you just close the account and withdraw money, there have to keep fine - and, the sooner you decide not to save money, the higher the penalty.This you should know before choosing a way to save money.

Now its services to the accumulation of money offers a variety of insurance companies.Among them are many young, recently appeared on the market of such services.It is likely that they will offer you the best conditions, but guarantees these companies produce less because insurance - long-term operation.Only large, with the names of the company's work and experience can solve a lot of nuances that inevitably arise during the insurance period.

Any insurance contract provides for the risks.It can happen and misery - a child is ill, injured, with him there was an accident - then he will be paid the insurance premium.Provision and situations where, in the event of the death of the one who pays the insurance payment will produce the insurance company - until the appointed time, and thus, the child will still receive the planned amount.

Therefore, the interest - not the most important thing!At the conclusion of the contract, pay attention to the security program itself, what risks it involves, which is considered an insured event, as the premium is paid, etc.For example, if a child was seriously injured, he award and 50 per cent can be paid, and 100. But what the case is considered to be miserable?Many companies make a reservation: due to injury and illness as a result of violation of an accident, the insurance premium will not pay.The more of these reservations, the fewer opportunities to obtain insurance.

Savings insurance programs - a good deal!And you yourself, and your child will be easier to enter into life, with at least a small financial help.So weigh everything and decide!