Insurance apartments

When our friends get into trouble or disaster - fire, burglary, flooding, etc., we sadly ahaem, sympathize, but do abide in the sense that much with us nothing will happen..But the trouble no one is immune!Although there is, to some extent insured by those who designed the apartment insurance!

apartment can be insured against fire, natural disasters and actions of natural forces of the explosion of gas theft, robbery and other troubles.In any case the owner of the apartment is possible to select the list of risks, from which he would want to insure.

When making insurance obligatory required to present a certificate of ownership and evidence of the value of the apartment.

on tariff value in insuring the apartment influences the degree of wear of engineering communications, location of the apartment (ground floor) a new or old house, the presence of security agents.

compensation, depending on the size of the damage and conditions of the insurance contract shall be paid when the insured event.For payme

nt you need to provide the relevant documents from the competent authorities - help the Interior Ministry when illegal actions of third parties (theft, robbery), of the State Fire Service in the event of fire, from the housing (REU) for water damage from Roshydromet with disaster if it is notIt has become widely known.

When the floor above the battery burst, and my apartment was flooded with hot water, in such a way that only had to completely remodel that made the repairs, I was lucky to only the neighbors, admitting his guilt, I compensated for the material costs.And if the neighbors were not so decent, then repeated repair costs the family budget would not survive for sure.That is, it was necessary to make debts, take out loans, etc.

After this incident, I prefer to insure the apartment and property, knowing that in this way I will be able to protect themselves even if not by accident, but at least on major unplanned expenses for apartment repair orproperty as a result of any unexpected trouble.