family Matters

What family can be called happy?Probably, the one in which the husband and wife finding common ground on all issues, feel responsible for each other and were able to keep the love, respect and friendship.

Married couples who have lived together for a long time and claiming the right to be called a harmonious, happy family, they know exactly what all of the above does not work by itself, but on the contrary, requires much effort, patience, and a joint effort.And also very importantly the desire to find a compromise and a way to understand and not to aggravate the conflict and not to succumb to fits of resentment and false pride.

you want to have a happy family?Then you need to learn to quarrel.Yes Yes exactly!Peace and understanding is not reigning in those families in which no quarrel (this is simply not the case), and those with the right know how to quarrel without needing to insults and petty nitpicking.Followed the advice of experts in family psychology.Tips psychologists simple and effective, it

is important to just learn to follow them and not allow negative emotions to get the better of common sense.

So, what will help you to maintain peace and prosperity in family relationships?If you are in a quarrel, gather strength, and not add fuel to the fire, but on the contrary, try to drive the quarrel into a corner.And yet, do not quarrel in the bedroom or in the kitchen - otherwise the room will have to be associated with negative emotions.

Never cry, especially, do not start to sort things out with the threshold.Be patient, and if there is a need to find out the relationship, do not do it hurriedly, without haste.Then you will take the first strong irritation, and their claims you can make more quietly and just will not start, listen to the arguments of the opposite side.

Do not go to bed without making peace!Many couples know what to put up the best in bed.Then in the morning you much of the last argument will seem insignificant and not worthy of attention.

And yet, in the heat of an argument do not forget about all the good that you have been in a relationship: the happy days of pleasant moments of your warm feelings of love and respect.

Always remember that escaped rough offensive words are not going anywhere, and will remain in the memory - and your and your spouse, and you have to live with it on.So try not to be in blinkers and see just resentment.In general, try to keep the quarrel, so that on one of your taunts had a few nice words.

Psychologists brought signs of a harmonious and disharmonious family.Think compare the definition of specialists and their feelings of your family relationships.And if you want to achieve harmony, looking for a way to fix the status quo.

Signs harmonious family

* All family members communicate with each other, know how to listen to each other

* in the debate, the opinion of each

family member * responsibilities and duties divided among all its members

* family members support each other, are able to distribute and perform the duties of the other in the event of changes in the situation (business trip, illness)

* every member believe in yourself, trust in others

* in the family learn to respect other people and their differences in tastes

* family has its own traditions,children know their ancestors, their roots

* appreciated sense of humor brought a positive attitude to life

* focuses on the spiritual life

* paid time entertainment

* encourages sharing food

* encourages altruism (to do something for freefor another person, school)

* its members create conditions for their personal growth

* its members do not hesitate to ask for help and support to professionals in the event of a crisis or a problem occurs.

Signs disharmonious family

* When one of the parents takes over the dominant and the other is too dependent position, with the interests of some members of the family met at the expense of other

* when there is no ability of its members to mutual understanding, solidarity in dealing with life's problems,the lack of reciprocity in the emotional attachments

* when the family lives in conditions of aggravated conflicts, a high risk of leaving one of the spouses of the family,

* psevdosolidarnaya family is characterized by strict regulation of all family life, lack of two-way emotional warmth.

It would be nice if the second list in your family completely absent!