Useful tips for novice drivers

your dream come true, and the brand new law in his pocket, and sparkling varnish, a wonderful toy car waiting for you at the door?We wish you well, but knowing how hard first steps to mastery of driving, share tips from experienced motorists.If you listen carefully to others' experience, very soon your car will be absolutely obedient to you, and Riding - delivering a safe and a pleasure.

You did not happen so that you are completely unexpectedly, you begin to confuse "right" and "left"?For those to whom it happens, there will be serious problems, as the misinformation on the road, still, accidental or intentional, can result in major accidents, as a rule, with the participation of those who erred.But protect yourself from tangled when working with pointers rotation side can be quite uncomplicated way: outstretched fingers of his left hand tighten the turn signal switch, in this case, leave the steering wheel on at least the thumb, or better still the whole or part of the palm.Then, without releasing th

e switch, rotate the steering wheel from side to side at a slight angle.Whether you like it or do not want the pointers themselves are turned on in the direction in which it is necessary.And you do not really need to know, right to left, or it will be the most important thing - turn indicators will be included in "the other" side!Of course, when driving on the road to do all that is necessary to mentally and include pointers to the beginning of the rudder.

novice drivers delivers a hassle-dip - they simply forget to do it in time.But include lights for safety reasons, not optional.In addition, on time and correctly address this issue depends on your safety and the safety of all those who at the moment is on the way!

Many problems arise from inexperienced drivers, and with parking, especially if they are trying to park or stop on the road the rise.In order to keep the car on the road slope, you can use the parking brake.After stopping on the rise, you should turn the steering wheel to the left and then a little bit to slip back to the front right wheel rest against the curb.In this position, without you will not be able to leave the car alone: ​​forward not let the mountain, and the backward movement limit curb.

But to move a mountain, you need to know some tricks, though, it is important to pre-select and plan their actions.For example, one of the car wheels specially stop in the hole (or yamischu), what we have on the road still missing.Where did she roll out of the pit?You can intentionally move bricks lying on the road (instead of bypass) and then immediately stop.It turns out almost perfect natural focus.

Do not forget also that when driving on a narrow yard area have the car on the roadway is necessary so that the distance from the sides of the vehicle to the lawn on one side and to the parked cars on the other hand are equal.