MTPL insurance policy

accident - is in itself a serious nuisance.But even if everything ended well for the participants of the accident, it is still a lot of worries.Motorists faced with a bunch of problems.: Passing the examination, the proceedings in the traffic police, etc. And, of course, trying to get insurance payment from the insurance company.And here it turns out that many motorists are unaware of the rules of obtaining insurance payments quite a bit.

main issues that arise in the accident participants CTP, is when you can get the insurance benefits, and what are the real terms of how to be a failure in the payment of insurance, as well as, what is the maximum amount of the MTPL payments?

law on compulsory insurance of motor third party liability (MTPL) entered into force on 1 July 2003.From this point you have to insure their civic responsibility that comes with committing a traffic accident.

In accordance with the rules of payment for CTP insurer within 15 calendar days from the date of the insurer all necessar

y documents, is the act of the insured event, on the basis of which the direct damages for CTP the victim.Alternatively, the insurer shall notify in writing about full or partial refusal to pay with the reasons thereof.At the same time strictly regulate timing of obtaining compensation for the CTP of the date of the decision to pay the new edition of the Rules of CTP is now available.

to the insurance company, you will need the following documents:

- an application for reimbursement with the sum;

- view of the policy at the time DTP4

- copies of passport, vehicle registration code;

- information about the traffic police vehicle injuries in an accident;

- certified copy of the assessment of damages with supporting photographs;

- information about the participants and the perpetrators of the accident from the police.

But we should not think that being a victim, you will get insurance quickly.In any case, the victim and the perpetrator have to write an application for compensation in connection with the occurrence of the insured event and give it to the insurers.If the date of the trial are not satisfied with the victim, then it is necessary to issue a request to the judge about the process of acceleration.But here, the cash payment will not happen before entering the court decision into the hands of the insurance company.The approximate time for obtaining insurance are between 2 to 3 months.

If the insurance company refuses to pay compensation, then you have to start writing a lot of letters and statements.First you need to send to the insurance company a registered letter with a notice on the company's name to clearly set out the requirements.After that, it is necessary to provide a copy of the letter in the organization of monitoring unreliable insurers, such as the Financial Services Commission and the League of insurance organizations.

Usually, this treatment provides a big problem in the email of the insurance company, which, of course, not for the benefit of insurers, because, most often, payments are made to victims quickly, and by almost 100%.

If the UK still refuses to pay the insurance, you will have to apply to the court for an insurance office.However, as practice shows, such litigation last several months, at least.Therefore, to obtain a waiver of the insurance company to pay insurance, serious about her choice, carefully read the preliminary contract and strictly follow them in the provision of documents to obtain money.

highest possible payout for the damage of car insurance MTPL contract in the event of an insured event is 400 000 rubles.This amount covers the reimbursement of damage to life or health of the victim, as well as damage to the affected property.The maximum payout under the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance indemnity to life or health and damage to property amounts to 160 thousand rubles, if the accident injured one person and 240 thousand rubles, if more than 2 people;120 thousand rubles, if the property is damaged and 1 160 thousand, if the damaged property of 2 or more people.