The crisis : ways out

How many problems going through the woman as she searches for a way out of the crisis - it is known only to herself.It is clear that often lack the mental and physical strength, patience and self-confidence, because every crisis - this is a test of strength.

How important to be prudent and flexible, penetrating and practical in every situation.And more importantly do not panic, do not start to feel lame duck and resentful, helpless and inept.Since I came this very crisis - has nowhere to go.

clear that any crisis, any difficult situation - it is a test of strength, because no time to panic or feel sorry for yourself.It should "include the head," to gather strength and to look for the optimum yields, which are almost always present in any position.

What threatens crisis?The most serious - a job loss and the subsequent inability to find similar with the same salary.From this no one is safe, and the more highly paid you the position, the greater the risk of losing it, because in a crisis are usually the

most expensive employees laid off.

Naturally, the source of income is sharply reduced in such a situation, and the accumulation will sooner or later begin to melt, the more so because of the inflation of your savings every day melt away.Similarly, it becomes difficult to find a part time, additional paid employment during the crisis.

most serious problems you can expect if you "hang" unpaid loans or debts.Not surprisingly, your creditors, whether bank or familiar, loan you money "parole", start to worry and eagerly await the return of their funds.If, moreover, you live in a rented apartment, then it is possible that the rent will increase, which is also a negative impact on your family budget.

If you understand that the crisis and got to your family, it is wiser not to wait until the situation becomes threatening and desperate, and try to take some action.The most sensible thing in the first place, pay off debts, which require monthly repayment, such as loans, as the interest rate can change, and your financial situation in the future - worse.

It is also necessary to revise the article of their family budget, and the whole thing.And in the future you should try to reduce the budget items of expenditure, reducing them to a minimum.For example, you can restrict calls by mobile phone, reduce the number of viewable on TV channels, to stop spending money on expensive hobbies and entertainment.

If your family income is based only on the salaries, you should carefully reconsider their attitude to work, not to get laid off.Do not violate labor discipline, try to increase the responsibility, reduce the cost of work on personal conversations and even phone calls.And, of course, do not enter into a confrontation with the boss or colleagues.Such behavior suggests the elementary common sense.

necessary to create a reserve, and in different currencies.Now, most importantly, have the stock of money in an emergency, so please refrain from shopping, expensive vacation, and take care to have a reserve fund to job losses, illnesses and so forth.

Even if you feel that your job in any crisiswill be up to you, do not rest, and be constantly prepared for the loss of employment.This means that you should regularly review the job market, establish contacts, learn new skills and improve their qualifications.

Likewise, it is not necessary to give up opportunities to earn overtime, maybe even in a new capacity.Who knows, maybe it is this part will be the main work in the case of reduction in your office.

bad when family members work in the same enterprise, because they can all get laid off at the same time.It would be nice to learn some craft, try to do a small business or work in the service sector.

Most importantly, you should not be afraid or look to blame for the situation.This will only lead to conflicts within himself and his family and does not improve the situation.We must be prepared for the difficulties and find ways to overcome them all together.Then, any, even the heaviest burden will be easier, because you carry it will be reported.