Tricks of big savings

Theoretically, any hostess agree that saving is necessary and important.About the fact that the "penny penny gained," even children know.But in practice, many annoying petty savings.Save "on matches" seems almost shameful.This is completely wrong, because any waste is to be, first of all, reasonable.

None of us throws a trifle in the trash, even if it interferes in your wallet.But for some reason many of us do not notice the working TV that no one is looking, turning on a light in a room where no one is talking clock radio.Such examples are many.

good thrifty hostess begins with saving.Moreover, trying for some time to listen to such seemingly small things, but, nevertheless, useful tips, you will be surprised how much money you save on such simple things.

Do not believe me?Conduct an experiment and try at least for a month on a regular basis to carry out these recommendations.

- When using electric oven, try to fill it to the maximum, that is, completely.Think in advance and be prepared to at a tim

e to cook a few meals.This will save you quite a decent amount of electricity.

- For the preparation of small food portions, use a pressure cooker undeservedly forgotten.This will save not only time but also energy.

- It should use energy-saving lamps with individual dimmers.But buy high-quality products known firms, not cheap Chinese-made lamps: otherwise you just spend money and not achieve the desired effect.

- When you purchase home appliances pay attention to its power-saving class, which is usually written on the label.In the case of energy efficiency appliances Class A, B, C, 0 Class of energy saving is especially important for that technology, which will work around the clock, for example, refrigerators.Although Class A devices that worth buying, and above the price, then you will appreciate and savings.

- If you have a home surges occur in the network, you should consider purchasing a stabilizer.It will allow you to keep your appliances in order and dispense with costly repairs.

- To spend less energy to heat water, for example in the kettle, get a wonderful device - Thermo.This device is simply a thermos heated, which allows you to constantly have hot water the right temperature, using a minimum of electricity.Try to buy a device known company - even if it would be more expensive, but in this case you are guaranteed quality.

- Try as long as possible not to include electric lighting, making full use of sunlight.And you will see for yourself, how much power can be maintained for at least a month savings.And, of course, turn off the light when leaving the room.

- Leaving the house for a long time, as well as at night, do not be lazy to turn off the TV and other devices that are in standby mode.Individually such a device "eats" a little bit, but all together ... This measure, in addition to saving more and improve the fire safety of the apartment.

- Place the TV and computer in a uniformly lit area, it allows you to set the brightness and contrast adjustment to a lower level and save up to 5 percent of electricity.

- Non-operating charger for mobile phone, camera, laptop should not be plugged in, because the charger is connected to the outlet continuously heated while continuing to consume energy.

- Clogged air with dust and dust collector filters reduce cravings and increase the power of the vacuum cleaner, so do not forget to remove dust from the vacuum cleaner often.

- When choosing cookware, the diameter of which does not correspond to the size of the hotplate cookers, lost 5-10 percent energy.The bottom of the pots and pans should be flat, or nearly equal to the diameter of the cooking zone, and fit snugly to her.

- Do not forget to cover the pan with a lid - this will save 20-30 percent.Actively used the principle of inertia, bringing to readiness soups and porridge on and off the burner to cool slowly.

- Scale has a low thermal conductivity, so the water in the kettle with scale is slowly heated, and electricity is consumed more.In addition, the rational for once to heat as much water as you need, or pour the rest of hot water in a thermos.

- The main condition for proper and economical use of the washing machine - not exceed the rate of the maximum load of laundry and to avoid underutilization.Otherwise, electricity overruns of 10-15 percent.

- Carefully choose the washing program: for example, if the laundry is dirty, you can do without the pre-wash.By reducing the wash time and using the machine for filling the hot water, you can save up to 30 percent of electricity.

- Refrigerator place in the coolest place, away from the battery and the plate.If the room temperature reaches 30 ° C, the refrigerator power consumption is doubled.

- Increases energy consumption habit to put in the fridge is not fully cooled pans, as well as poor maintenance and irregular defrosting.

Simple Secrets reasonable economy will help you to save the family budget from unnecessary spending.