How to save on wedding

crisis - a crisis, and people meet, fall in love and get married.The truth is many couples have to review their plans and instead of a beautiful luxurious wedding and honeymoon in the warm sea have to settle for a modest country house party and made available to good friends.

On the one hand the number of guests, the splendor of the holiday does not affect the quality of the subsequent family life example - a lot of divorces after the most high-profile and elegant weddings.And, on the other hand, you still want a holiday, especially girls, who dream to stay in the heart of the Queen's own remarkable event that happens once in a lifetime (at least, so would like to think).

If intelligently approach the wedding organization, it is possible to save a large extent, while not at the expense of the holiday.It is no secret that excessive pomp and throwing money into the wind is often accompanied by a variety of family events.Do I need it?But the savings should be treated carefully, so as not to spoil your mo

od in such a memorable day.

It is hardly necessary to save on some of the details of the wedding the toilet, for example, in the shoe, which, as many girls still will not see, and buy expensive shoes at a time - it is a pity.But the poor quality shoes can spoil the whole holiday, because you have to be almost all day on their feet.Erased and ottekshie legs precisely not add a festive mood, so Treat buying shoes carefully and be sure to spread the shoes a little at home.Similarly, play it safe and do not trust her friends make you a wedding make-up and hairstyle, is that they are professionals.And do not let it take its course, and the pre-select the master cabin and arrange for a convenient time to you.Moreover, it is advisable to try different options for hairstyles and make-up in advance for a few days before the wedding, then you are exactly sure that the most important day look well.

wedding bouquet you need to choose the style of wedding toilet, growth and body type of the bride, and not be content with a random set of colors.

And what can you save?Firstly, on the number of guests.Wedding - it's your family celebration, not an opportunity to feed as many friends and not much people as possible.It is therefore reasonable to invite only close relatives and friends.

Secondly, major economies of the family budget can be achieved by careful drawing up the menu and selecting the place of celebration.The optimal variant of the organization of a wedding celebration - is one day in a cafe or in the banquet hall, and the second - it is quite possible to spend in the country, the outdoors or at home, if the living space allows.

Many cafe owners are going to meet and resolve to order a minimum of food and beverages.Therefore, you will have the opportunity to deliver other necessary products themselves.Alcoholic drinks, fruit juices is more profitable to buy at wholesale depots, but do not try to chase the cheapness and shop at random locations, or in untested sellers.

necessary to estimate in advance the total number of products for each invited guest rather than paying for what then will remain on the table.For example, at the beginning of the wedding party later (in the 17.00-18.00 hours), it is enough to order two hot dishes, but cold appetizers like more and more diverse.Equally important is the food yield in grams, as a large portion of meat to eat is not easy, and the price is appropriate.You can not order a huge wedding cake: experience shows that by the end of the celebration, guests are so satisfied that beautiful work of culinary art is sliced ​​and only bitten at best.

can save on the decoration of the hall for the celebration, instructing it to make friends and family.Only pre-discuss how and what to do.As for the wedding convoy, but beautifully decorated with a foreign car will look not worse than a limousine.And for the transportation of guests can be booked minibuses.Moreover, you will spend much less money on quite comfortable transportation services.

As for entertainment at your wedding, there is, something to think about - to beat the wedding, and want to see the guests were not only nourishing and tasty, but also fun and interesting.If you are with friends and family take a training program for yourself, then, first of all, begin to do this as soon as possible, and, secondly, to use aids, books, scripts from the Internet.If you decide to invite toastmaster, it is best to do it through a friend, on the recommendation.

As for photo and video wedding event, you need to understand - working professionals are expensive, so there is also better to look through a friend, since re-shoot the wedding will be impossible.But you can not order a photo or a photo book, and get all the pictures on a disc with partial or no treatment, and then self-assemble and print wedding albums.

Professional videography, too, is ordered only in the registry office, and remove the rest of the program can be entrusted to relatives and friends, and a few people, so that they can have fun, and video will be more diverse.But then you are going to mount a film about your holiday and relive what is happening.

And another important point - the wedding dress.Of course, every bride wants to be the most beautiful, the most elegant.But you can not help but be aware that this expensive toilet will then gather dust in the closet for the rest of life.Now there are companies that offer wedding dresses for rent, but it must be returned in perfect condition.Many b / u wedding toilets offer advertisements - you can try to select from the proposals.Moreover, buying a dress you using fantasies friends or relatives, you can redo it and get a luxurious option for little money.

Maybe some of the suggested tips to help you save money without compromising the quality of the holiday.The main thing to remember the wedding and loved by you!