As my husband and I went on vacation

When I hear stories about vacation, wonderful spent together with her husband, then a little envy.According to the stories coming out, almost a honeymoon, regardless of how many years the pair have lived together.But our first joint vacation was the first and last, because we almost got divorced after such an experiment.

so happened that honeymoon we did not go - and it was not very good, and the problems in her husband's work formed with money.And we decided by mutual agreement in this honeymoon mark the first anniversary of our life together.

Before the wedding, my husband and I lived together for about six months, so his habits in everyday life I have not much strained, I'm used to them.Actually, one can see them especially was not, because we ran every morning to his work, and in the evening he came even later than me, so it was time for communication and other little affairs.A weekend we went to the parents, and, often, each to his own, to do something to help, and just visit.Because it turned ou

t that is not always spent the whole day together.

But on holiday, when you do not have to hurry anywhere, everything changed.Self Catering - tickets, hotel selection, agency and other organizational matters, I took over.Although, of course, my husband and I have consulted all the time, but often he just waved, and as I understood later, just not delved into what I say.It subsequently came to me sideways!

problems began with the collection of suitcases, I folded what I thought was necessary, and the husband threw suitcases made of things by saying that it is taking to anything.But it's better to know what I need things to the sea ?!Then it turned out that he does not want to take anything at all for themselves but shorts and T-shirts, urging that we buy everything needed for a penny.But we have these kopecks, that was not too much.And I want to spend it on something else, rather than on a t-shirt, which can be taken out of the house.Several times we quarreled, were reconciled, but in the end, those damned suitcases packed.

On the day of departure, my husband woke me neither light nor dawn.He fussed and demanded that we immediately went to the airport, otherwise late.And none of my exhortations that before departure a further 6 hours, did not act on it.As a result, we were at the airport 4 hours before departure.It is clear that there is nothing to do, and my husband was the first to demand a beer, and then pumped to the eyeballs them, began to run on the toilets.Then he wanted to eat, and then took newspapers, then the beer again, and then he fell asleep in the chair ... And all this was expressed by some nasty moody voice, which I had never heard from him.

general, when declared fit, I barely restrained so as not to create a scandal.The plane went all: husband requested something from the flight attendants, reprimanding me for any inconvenience, for example, because he has nowhere to stretch my legs and closely in the chair.But his height is 190 cm and weight - 100 kg.It is clear that in the average chair uncomfortable to him, and the business class, we can not afford.Then the beer again and going to the toilet, and finally he fell asleep, and I sighed with relief.

Arrived at the hotel and we settled without incident, because her husband was a sleepy and just remained silent.But then, looking around, I went over all the flaws that he meticulously excavated.And it is useless to explain that this is not luxury, we have deliberately chosen an economy version, we will still there only to sleep and spend all the time at sea and excursions.

He grumbled, saying that I am not able to choose what he wanted to rest, but here ... And the fact that he agreed with this option and leave, and with the choice of hotel, did not want to hear.But the sea lapping outside, the weather was wonderful, long-awaited vacation has started, and I decided not to spoil his mood performances.I did not know that it's flowers ...

As passed on our vacation, we can tell in a few words: my husband ate, drank and slept.I was shocked: chistyulya my husband, who has always recognized only white shirts and changed them every day, flatly refused to change even in the evening when we walked into the restaurant.I looked ridiculous in a beautiful dress and make-up next to him in the stale filthy T-shirt and shorts.But it cost me incredible labor to make it at least to change the jersey.

Of all my entertainment is always active and energetic husband, a keen interest in everything in the world, preferred lying by the pool - even on the beach, he went with me reluctantly.On the tour I refused to go, and even if I managed to persuade him, it was torture on his whims and whining.

If he usually allowed himself to drink a couple of glasses of wine or bottle of beer, here it is virtually "dry out" and was always drunk.All my criticisms, requests, he said only one thing: "Give me a break, I want it!" And then, I want to rest in some other way, it never occurred.

In addition, he began an attack to save, and he became a curse for every spent dollar.I should labor vytsyganit money from him at least for souvenirs for parents.

I did not know what to do, I wanted only one thing - to go home to Moscow.Our relations have deteriorated badly, and I thought it made a mistake by marrying because next to me was a completely different person.

is true, then I met a married couple also from Moscow, with whom, and went on the tour, go to the sea, to the disco, trying to somehow save the holiday and your mood.Husband I gave myself, and he did not mind.

Just before leaving husband shaved, bathed, dressed, stopped drinking, and I saw a normal adequate man such as he was before.He communicated with me as well as ever, as if he did not have those two dreadful weeks.Himself offered to go shopping and buy souvenirs, I exchanged phone numbers with my new friends, helped to quickly pack up and was in a good mood.

And when we were at home, and I expressed to him about a spoiled vacation, he went on to explain that so tired at work that no matter what is not capable already was.He wanted only one thing - to relax, remove the accumulated irritation and stress, that is, keep the plant life, and that it has not been touched.And now he was going back, since it can not work otherwise ... Again start routine that require full commitment from him.

I have long thought, and realized that he did not deceive me.Apparently, so he imagined a normal relaxing holiday.Divorced I changed my mind, of course, because I love him very much.But in the future, we agreed that a vacation will now travel alone, so that everyone can relax as he wants, and to each other not to spoil the holiday.