The tax deduction for the purchase of apartments

Many people now acquire an apartment on the mortgage, and, settling takes place immediately after purchase.And immediately the question arises: when and how to issue and receive a tax deduction?What are the rights of the buyer an apartment?

In accordance with the law of return of the money paid for the apartment, you can only from the moment when you receive a document confirming ownership of the apartment.That is, as soon as the financial institution, which gave money borrowed, the owner will no longer be considered.Note also that if you drew a mortgage loan, you have the right to receive, and 13 percent of all interest paid to the bank.

When you receive a document certifying the ownership of the apartment, you can begin to make out a tax deduction.To do this, you need to prepare the documents and then take them to the local tax authority, together with a completed declaration.

For property tax deduction should write an application and attach to it:

- documents confirming the ownership of an apart

ment (house)

- a contract to purchase an apartment (house) or rights to an apartment in a newly built house

- acceptance certificate-Transfer apartments

- payment documents confirming the payment of expenses included in the tax deduction (receipts to pay-in slips, receipts seller apartments, bank statements on the transfer of funds to repay the mortgage loan, commodity and cash vouchers, certificates for the purchase of materials andother documents)

- credit agreement.

When buying an apartment in a tax deduction may be included in the purchase of an apartment or an apartment right in the house under construction costs, acquisition costs of finishing materials and work associated with finishing of the apartment.

Keep in mind, the property tax deduction on the purchase of an apartment can only be used once in a lifetime.So if you buy low-cost housing, but in the future plan to find yourself something better, perhaps, with the deduction, it makes sense to wait.Then, after the acquisition of expensive apartments, you can return a large sum.

real estate market analysts believe that the amount of the value, which can be returned to their 13 percent, will increase.For example, initially it was 600 thousand, now - to 2 million rubles..

Often the question arises: how and where to obtain a tax deduction for the purchased apartment?The most convenient option - in the workplace.To do this, go to your tax authority, where for 30 days (usually sooner) you will be given formal notice to the employer.As soon as it receives the document, accounts will no longer withhold from your pay 13 percent tax on income of physical persons and previously withheld tax (YTD) - return.

You should know that if you buy an apartment for used maternity capital funds, property tax is not returned to them.

limitation period to apply for a property tax deduction is not.If the apartment was acquired more than three years ago, then you can get a deduction on income earned in the last past three years by submitting a declaration to the tax office for these periods.