From small things to big savings

crisis, it seems, does not think end, unemployment, inflation and rising prices will not leave indifferent even the most frivolous.And, of course, that the hostess, more and more are thinking about saving the family budget.

What can afford to reduce costs in order to save money from the family budget on a more essential needs?Boards of specialists in different areas to help you with this.However, if you choose to follow them, then be consistent - only then will you find that they bring real benefits.

One of the articles of the family budget - a payment for electricity.Savings in this regard is obtained from many components, such as how to arrange our home.If you're going to make repairs or rearrange the furniture, it is very important to do it right once.For walls and ceilings better to perform in bright colors, especially in areas where little sunlight gets: found that the reflectivity of light walls - 70-80%, and dark - only 10-15%.

Rooms better equip the combined lighting: general - a chandelier,

and local - lamps, sconces, floor lamps.In addition, for local lighting, choose bulbs 1.5-2 times less powerful than the chandelier and, if possible, give preference to energy-saving fluorescent lamps.Despite their higher cost, the cost pays off in less than a year: the life of fluorescent lamps is 3 times longer, and they are more economical in 4-5 times.

Many are now installed in the apartments of the automatic lighting control.These systems regulate light intensity and even independently enable and disable it.

And the simplest thing you can do to save energy - it periodically wipe the dust from the lamp, as a layer of dust and dirt absorb up to one third of produced light.Of course, the windows in the room, too, must be kept clean, so they do not steal natural light.

If the street light, do not close their blinds and keep the high plants, while natural light will delay in time the need to include lighting lamps.

Another possibility to save the family budget - the budget is to buy domestic appliances.If you have plans for such an acquisition, then pay attention to the energy efficiency class: the most high performance devices in class A ++, A +, and is descending further descending - B, C, D, E, R.

Importantlyproperly arrange the appliances, so should be a gap of 5-10 sm.Televizor position in a uniformly lit area between the refrigerator and the wall of the rear wall of the kitchen, which will allow a lower level of brightness and contrast of the image, which is not only good for the view, butand saves up to 5% of the electricity.The same applies to the computer monitor.

for vacuum cleaners is important timely cleaning dust collector, but for electric stoves - the correct selection of cookware in accordance with the size of the cooking zone - bottom of the pot should be equal to the diameter of the cooking zone or slightly larger.When cooking, it is important to cover the pan with a lid.The kettle is necessary to regularly remove limescale, air conditioning has to work in private facilities, and the condition of the rational use of the washing machine - the observance of the norms of laundry load.

If you leave the room for a long time, do not leave appliances included and useless work, and when he left for a long time, De-energize them, that is, remove the plug from the socket.It is more and ensure the fire safety of your home!

In cold weather, you should consider maintaining the heat in our homes, in fact, including electric heaters, we spend a considerable amount of excess electricity.central heating batteries will heat the house is better if you set them heat-reflective screens.

In addition, almost half of the heat loss occurs through windows.Modern insulating glass installation may increase the room temperature at 4-5 ° C.If you are unable to change their windows to double-glazed window, then well insulated them before the cold season.

All of these tips are very easy to perform.Do you think this stuff?But if thinking about the diligent conduct of the family budget seriously, even a little bit of a contribution to its large real economy.