Rules of conduct in the street

On the street the man supposed to go to the left of the woman, but if two men go, the left is the one who is younger.If it's dirty or road works, a man is on the outside trotuara.Esli you go on the street three, the middle is the place of honor, given to a person more distinguished.For example, a professor between two students, a woman between two men.In combination "a man and two women," a man is in the center.This suggests that in this situation for each of the women, it is equally supported, moreover, it is easier to hold a conversation.

If you go along the four, it is better to divide into couples, women or older age are ahead.Society of five people divided into a pair and three of them, so no one is left alone.

Moving down the street we need pace (usually acceleration), you need to also try not to cause inconvenience - no pedestrians or motorists.

Educated people in the street do not litters, not spit, do not show the finger, not yelling at the children, do not stop suddenly in the middle of the

road to talk with a friend, do not go on the lawns, on the left side of the pavement is not of the included receiver or tape recorder.

Ugly force fight their way to the window, even on it and put something interesting.On the street often do not turn around.A man is not proper to look back after passing women, particularly in those cases where he shared the company of another woman.

Careless handling of the rules of the road - it is not only unnecessary risk of their own lives, but also the lack of respect for the hard work of the driver.And drivers should remember that in cold blood to spray passersby with mud - a blatant lack of culture.

man always misses a woman ahead.But if the passage is difficult (the crowd, the narrow, unreliable bridge), go ahead man, in dangerous places offering a woman's hand.A man always makes a woman walking with him to carry a bag of groceries or things, suitcase, briefcase.However, it looks ridiculous with a lady's umbrella in his hands or his companion's handbag.The woman also shall bear shot raincoat or jacket.

Closed umbrella woman hangs on the wrist for it is provided for this case shnurochek.The man wears a closed umbrella on his left forearm and right hand, as a cane.Not supposed to carry an umbrella at the ready, as the lance: they can accidentally prick coming after you.Using an open umbrella, care must be taken not to touch someone else's head they wear.Going down into the underpass, it is necessary to lay down umbrella.

On the move should not have.In a pinch, you can let the children on the way to eat ice cream, fruit, cookies or candy, but the right to stop and stand back and wait for the baby to eat.Adults are better to eat an ice cream or a bite to eat something while standing at the kiosk or sitting on a bench in the town square.

to clothing, where we go out on the street, you have to be very demanding.The first eliminated in the toilet untidiness and negligence.It is better to go to the usual sports shirt, but clean and neatly buttoned, rather than in white, but stale, "from under his jacket."Draped over the shoulders or wedged under his arm jacket - very questionable addition to the toilet.Sandals barefoot man wears only in places of recreation.Never wear gloves to the suit, and pick them up in a coat, raincoat or jacket.

impolite, walking down the street, making loud remarks to passers-by about their clothes, height, facial expressions and so on. N. The youths who are sent to the address of the passing girls, even witty replicas, sadly demonstrate the shortcomings of their education.

appeal to the casual passer-by like, "You have to stocking lowered loop" or "You have spattered coat" - a rather tactless, rather than a service.But it will be quite appropriate to pay attention to a strange woman that she opened the bag, or just tell a man that he goes out of his pocket smoke - smoldering pipe.