"Why I get married ? " ( Letter to the editor )

But it so happened that we first lived with my mother together - we still did not have his apartment.It is understood that four hands my mother cope with all the chores, and all was well.And even in the old apartment, where there is everything on hand when life is adjusted, a lot easier.Even when a child is born, no problems.

But we finally bought their homes and moved.And then it began!New apartment, in which all the time something is missing, something to do, a child and a husband who both lived before, and continues.

I, too, work, and time to do all I have left very little.And the only thing to which I can interrogate it from time to time to go to kindergarten for the child, and in the morning to take him back.And every time on this occasion a debate.He even tries to escape from the house, as long as we're going, so I did it myself.In the evening, each time any delay.What

not ask - excuses that do not charge - a hundred reasons why not to do.In the store forgot to go, take the laundry from the la

undry did not have time and so on.I wrote the note and persuaded, and cursing - all to no avail.

Apartment is new, all the time that something should be done: the curtains hang the shelves, furniture moved, things spread out.He comes home from work, having dinner and watching television or arranged, or in front of a computer.And she is screaming that the child took it prevents.If you need to hang up or make the apartment, he gives the money, so I hired a wizard.But not every nail naymesh, and it is unclear when your husband is in the house, invite some "husband for an hour" to hang the chandelier ..

No, he's not evil, he loves us.No other cause for quarrels I have not.About the child says that's older son, he will deal with it then, and until such a small child with his mother easier.He earns good, everything gives me and never complains about the cost.

decided to talk to her mother in law, and she listened and said nothing.I ask, what do I do, because I'm already lost its legs.I did not ask him to window washing, washing, preparing food, but then vacuumed, trash bear to go to the store, with the baby for a walk in the output you can ?!

I fell ill with a temperature lying all day, and he came home from work, I saw that the hot food there, snorted, began to say that I'm at home all day stayed, could and soup to cook - not quite the same I'm so painfully ...

a mother in law is only offered to come with the child for a walk.But apparently, her husband said something because he came in and almost the first time arranged in the house of the scandal, because I'm the mother of his complaining and something I demand of it.I tried to explain to him that we can not, I'm working on my child and all the house too, you need the little help, and then he gave that if I was so incompetent and suffer from homework, so why marry at all came out.

But I did not get married in order to become a domrabynyu!We have two days did not speak with him, and then went in-law and began to explain to me that they have in the house is always a woman did it all ourselves, so that her husband used to and did not understand what I need from him.And you just need to correctly arrange all the things that I still had time.

I offended - instead of being somehow affect her son, she taught me to run the household head fancied!After all, if you think it is to blame for everything, that is not even taught his son to cook eggs, socks, wash, vacuum floors.

Well, I do not like it when men stare at all the pots and delve into everything.My husband somehow do not care what I have prepared for when and how to do - if only had a hot meal, a clean shirt, and not to be touched.But not to the same extent - he sees that it's hard.His mother raised him and said that I should take it as a given.But people lifelong learning, and it could help me!

How do I get him to do something?