Little secrets of great savings

Every happens in life, and sometimes there comes a band, when the economy of the family budget is vital.Here come to the aid tips of our grandmothers and mothers, who in a period of great scarcity skillfully do with what is at hand, and at the same time were wonderful hostesses.

And, the truth, because not so long ago was not super modern vacuum cleaners, dry cleaners and household chemicals, and the cleanliness of the houses was good housewives!Moreover, it is not achieved at the expense of cutting-edge drugs, and the most conventional means.

How can I do without cleaning?If synthetic blanket, rug, or heavy veil has long needed a serious cleaning, and dry cleaning is no money now, select 2-3 hours on a large laundry.Fill the tub with water to a quarter, dissolve in water, washing powder and put the thing, even lie down for 30-40 minutes.Then take a brush and rub the dirtiest places.Then again soak in a blanket of new water.Rinse lather need via the soul, and to do so would be long.Pressing thing bett

er together, but still have to put it so that it is where the drain water.

greater savings in the family budget, you can get if you stop to buy semi-finished products Semi-finished literally eats money, although, of course, they are convenient to use - no need to scroll through the meat, carve the chicken.However, if the meat and fish because of the high cost became less and less to appear on your desktop, and you have begun to pay attention to cheaper products, it is necessary to go to the market.There you for much less money, you can buy everything you need, but, of course, then it will need to spend time cutting and packing.But ye now, because you've spent less money on purchases, and you still do not have to pay for the packaging, cutting and packing.

without household chemicals at all possible to do, and it's quite a serious item of expenditure.Cleaning bathtubs, sinks, windows, spot remover - and so on, and each bottle costs by more than a hundred rubles and above.

You will be surprised, but our grandmothers used to do without household chemicals.Window wash simple soap, glass rubbed with lemon juice or vinegar, floors simply washed with water many times ... And in our time there are people who do the same, as the household chemicals have allergies, and the house will still need to keep inorder.

So if the question is to save the family budget have risen sharply, try to do just one thing - "duck" for the toilet.This thing is really indispensable, as the bleach to clean the toilet seat is not safe for the skin and respiratory system.But in all other cases, you may well do home remedies.Washbasins, toilets, baths can be washed in hot water with the addition of soda ash.

So, dirty stains on the linoleum can be removed with turpentine, not too dirty floor well washed clean with soap and water.Leather furniture can be wiped with a flannel cloth dampened in whipped egg whites and grease stains removed with petrol.

Carpets can be cleaned, sprinkled with fine table salt, then wipe with a damp brush dipped in hot soapy water.When cleaning the brush is washed, and salt change.Instead of salt for carpet cleaning, you can use dry sawdust, large bran or milled pumice powder.

Certainly if you wish, you can still find a lot of useful tips from the economics of the past years.Try to use them - and save the family budget, and health useful!