Family budget - as I imagine

envy do not know exactly, but those women who know how to keep this very budget in order, but also a right to use it, adding, doubling and tripling it, still a little jealous.In my opinion, this is a real talent, and I just admire those mistresses.

But only if they are talented does not include the concept - cormorants and scrupulously "economists."And if they - ordinary hog and miser, then no respect do not deserve, no matter how much they have gained rather feel sorry for them.

course, enjoy the family budget should be able to economically, but deprive themselves of happy moments, consisting of purchases, gifts, surprise gift, almost spontaneous reverence and comfort for those who you pleasant, including samoyu themselves - in any case be!I think even shallower purse, let resources decrease, let the number of notes is reduced and the drying up even if they are for a while, but generosity and sometimes wasteful, so warms the soul, that is criminal to deprive yourself of the joys.

I know one thing: give much nicer than even receive those gifts.Who is not on my side, they do not understand, but there are also other - they have not only not condemned but, you see, and clapped his hands, on "encore" calling.

Of course, the word "budget" and all sorts of different associations calls - and irony and sverhserĐĹznoe expression is built, if the beats on his head.At the word "budget" I remembered my mother.She rarely has satisfied me.It was her eyes I was with this very notion of "budget" and associate, and always guilty feeling.

it comes to money, you do not argue with money these should be able to be handled carefully as with a sharp object.Cleverly it is necessary to deal with them, infinitely keen eye to have nerves of reinforced concrete directly, sagacity of observation, and still need time to take the right decision.And it's all to be able, in time and implemented in the most gentle time, almost no one, no quarter of a second.You have to be an incredible virtuoso.In short - almost a circus artist, with high qualifications to be to your family budget to keep, keep and increase!

Personally, I live quite differently.I have everything in life turns out: whether the luck, or God gives.However, sometimes it is the same, or anyone else, and everything takes.Not to say that I was very poor or heavily rich, but lucky me exactly can be called.I like such and call.And so easy for me to live.This money is somehow going, going, and a little later, as well, and understand themselves or disappear like a magician David Copperfield?Right or wrong name famous named?

And his friends look - everything, as anyone knows and understands your budget.The main thing is not to make a tragedy out of the grip or the lack of money.Once alive, and not the last piece to eat up, it's okay.Do as out, as it turns out, and as best you can.Everyone has their own concept, their attitude and their ability to conduct this very budget.

There are also various scientific methods of growing money.If we are really difficult, so you can read books and scientific approach to strengthen the brain.Learning is never too late!Let me - I do not possess the economic talent, but who is bound to succeed!The main thing is to find the right resource of talent and skills for accumulation and increasing accumulated!I sincerely wish that everyone who wants to!