Cover for the book

Cover for the book can be a good gift.And, if you have at least a little skill in working with leather, try to make a cover.My favorite book would be glad to "get dressed" in a leather outfit, which not only suits her, and protect her.Cover needed for the book you carry in a suitcase and bag to read on the go.

To produce the cover is better to choose the shoe leather or Russia leather.Cover could be made from a piece of leather, or composed of separate pieces.In case you need to choose the cover inlaid pieces of skin so that the corners were single cut, and connects the pieces do not have to directly on the cover angle.


1. Measure the book, make a pattern, and then the mold with knockouts under the braid and decor.

2. Pick up a piece or pieces of skin to cover the details.

3. carve leather: top (main part) covers, 2 valves, 2 strips of rigidity and a bookmark.All parts, except the top cover should be of whole pieces of leather.

4. Top cover pick up on the pattern, if it is of the i

ndividual pieces.

5. Follow the decor on the main body and tab.

6. carve lining glue around the perimeter of the main details of the cover.

7. Put on the lining of tracing paper and iron the place of iron bonding.

8. Valves promazhte adhesive on three sides and glue along the edges of the main part.

9. Strips stiffness promazhte fully glue and glue the top and bottom edges of the cover on the part of the lining, the edges, leaving a valve must be ssherfovany (sherfovanie - skin thinning) 1-1.5 cm

10. Gently.conn tab under the strip stiffness in the upper edge of the rear half of the cover close to the spine.

11. Turn glued cover face up and move the awl with curves space for perforations.

12. Round or oval punch make a hole in the target points.Corner holes must be larger by 1-1.5 mm in diameter.

13. Prepare straps for braiding.

14. Starting from the bottom braid better, closer to the spine of the back half of the cover.Home Band ssherfuyte and CONNECT between the two parts.Criss-crossing around the perimeter.Angled holes propletayte 2-3.Braid should be strong, it is better if it will completely cover the edge of the cover.

15. After the cover is fully braided, braided edge and moisten prostuchite hammer or put under the cover of the press.

To make the pattern cover, with the book you need to remove the three basic size: A - width;B - height;C - length.Pattern cover is a rectangle, one side of which is equal to 2A + B + (1 or 2 cm) + 1 cm (width braid);On the second side is + 2 cm. In addition, Molds cut with two valves in the form of rectangles, the length of which is equal to C + 2 cm and a width of 5-7 cm, and tab-Ribbon, the width of which should be slightly longer than the distance between the two holes braidand length -. C + 3 cm

to cover the upper and lower edges are not stretched their duplicated strip stiffness.Its length is the distance between the valves plus 3 cm (1.5 cm for each valve), and the width - from 1 to 2 cm depending on the size and width of the cover sheath.

décor can be the most diverse: weaving by punching, finishing lines, burning, embossing.If

cover recruited from individual pieces or decoration is cross-cutting in nature, that is, the left side is as far from being elegant, it is necessary to make the lining.The material for it can be split leather or fabric nesypuchaya.Lining pasted on the entire area of ​​the cover with glue "Moment" and ironed iron through tracing paper.