Leather pencil case

This pencil case is very convenient for travel, because it is possible to combine a lot of necessary and useful on the road vesche.Yes, and receive a gift of such a beautiful and useful crafts will be very pleased.So, if you already own some of the skills to work with the skin, try a pencil case.

For its production need shoe leather, leather lining and straps braid, cardboard for gaskets, fastener "lightning", button and a thread for stitching.


1. carve out shoe leather two rectangles measuring 23.5 x 10 cm.

2. The first piece to mark and execute the hole for the buttons, a slot for "lightning" and a notch for business cards (Fig. 1).

3. At a distance of 5 cm from the edge with a notch mark the seam line.Ssherfuyte (thinned) from the inside of the sides, forming a pocket for business cards.

4. CONNECT and Sew "lightning."

5. Install the lower part of the button.

6. The second piece of the front of the canister mark the place for the upper part of the button.

7. The opposite edge o

f the second piece ssherfuyte.

8. On the edge ssherfovanny apply glue to 0.5 cm from the front.Con 2 a piece to a piece of 1 suture line (Fig. 2).

9. Promazhte glue ssherfovannye side piece 1 surface and stick to the sides of the piece 2. Complete line.Thus, a front surface of the canister the size of 42h10 cm pocket for business cards 5x10 cm (Fig. 3).

10. The entire perimeter of the canister at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge and from each other to mark on a ruler or stencil holes for braiding.Follow their punch 2 mm, angular holes - punch 2.5-3 mm.

11. Follow the decor.Garnish with a pencil case or can be hot stamping, or braided.

12. need more fine soft leather lining to perform.Lining better carve out from a piece of size 42h10 cm.

General view of the finished lining with additional details shown in Fig.4.

13. Vykroyte pockets for pens and pencils (Fig. 5).

14. Form volumes pockets, podkleivaya laterals bottom of each pocket to the wrong side of the middle part.

15. Under the scheme (Fig. 6) to mark the center of the lining.

16. Smear glue the bottom of the middle part of the pockets on the front side and CONNECT at the lower end to the central part of the pockets so that the hem was inside pockets future.

17. To follow the line strength.

18. Each pocket is performed separately.Start with the longest.Promazhte adhesive side edge of the pocket to a width of 0.5 cm and attach to the lining as a basis.At a distance of 0.7 cm, do the line.

19. Promazhte adhesive strip of 0.5 cm (1 in the diagram indicated by) stick to 1 based on the markup and perform the line.

20. Consistently follow the remaining pockets.To prevent the error, before performing a line, try to insert in the pocket of a pen or pencil.

21. Because the lining of the skin further carve out a rectangle 13h10 cm and CONNECT to its basic parts - is another department that opens inside the canister (Figure 4 -. Below).

22. Connect the pad from the front part of the foam.To this end, the central part of promazhte glue pockets and with the free edge, which is formed from the canister valve (Fig. 7, left).

23. Cut a rectangle of cardboard 16,5h9 see. Put it between the front part and the lining, as shown in Fig.7. The lining of this side of the canister glue to the front of the only on the perimeter.

24. After the front part and the lining are connected, duplicate holes for braiding.

25. Prepare strap braid and braided around the perimeter of the product.

26. In the canister valve, set the top of the button.