Christmas card " Herringbone "

Herringbone, decorated with balloons and stars - a traditional symbol of the New Year.Do not do without it and in making New Year's cards, which, for sure, you need a lot of holiday greetings.And, you see, made with his own hands Christmas card takes a lot more fun to your loved ones than a standard pub.

you need:

brown decorative cardboard

dark green corrugated cardboard

beads of different shapes and colors

gold cord


glue stick



1. Take the brown cardboard with gold stars or snowflakes.On the left edge of the punch cards make a series of holes at the same distance from each other.

2. Through these openings gold thread the cord, securing one end using superglue on the wrong side of the card.

3. From corrugated cardboard cut Christmas tree.Previously it can be drawn in pencil and corrugated cardboard strip on the fur-tree should be placed horizontally.

4. Stick the Christmas tree, leaving a greater distance from the bottom than the top.So you

need to do whenever you have a major part of the composition on the sheet.

5. To top Christmas trees glue decorative gold star.Decorate the Christmas tree "toys."Stick to it "garland" of multi-colored beads of different shapes and colors.But while one type of beads to be basic.It is better to fit a medium-sized round beads, and because of this the main tree decoration - it is the balls.

6. Cut another small Christmas tree from the same board.Its form is even easier - closer to the triangle.Using superglue, glue it to the wrong side overhanging the cord tip.

Complete fabrication cord small detail.Glue the bottom corner of the firs round beads - it is such a trifle is often the highlight of the product.Generally, small figures hanging on a cord to the card, look very interesting.As a key fob can be not only a cardboard figure, and fur "tail", pompom or beautifully wrapped candy.