About the husbands , wives , and , of course , mistress

I'm all about "eternal" theme - wives and mistresses.I was in all these numerous deliberations and judgments alone understand - where the theme of the husband gone wrong?Agree, without them - would not have these damned wives, mistresses-razluchnits.

only husband - it is their own, native, and, therefore, to recognize it can not be guilty.And yet, if we accept the fact of his betrayal, so it is necessary to take the decision itself - divorce, property sharing.It is much easier to brand the bitch-mistress and blame only her alone.Then the husband would be "aggrieved" party from the evil machinations of his mistress, has not seduced the "defenseless" man, not at all magical spell arranged to be out of the way of the righteous bring down.

But in a love triangle three sides.Moreover, faithful and honest man, if he really loves his wife, his family values, not happiness itself on the side to look.And about all sorts of omens, I just keep quiet - this is nonsense!

This theme I was hooked because I myself e

ight years of his life spent on someone else's husband, and the first two years of them I did not even imagine that he is married.You do not believe that this could be?Yet how can, and many women who find themselves in the unenviable role of mistresses, support me.It is in a small town all in the mind, and in the large - left the house, turned the corner, and you have no one knows.

Well, I did not know he was married!Yes, in an emphasis I did not ask, but he behaved like an absolutely free man: we went together to relax, go to friends and to other places, he often stayed the night with me.We are talking about the common future, as a matter of course, and to be honest, I expected him to marry offers.

Just move he refused, saying that he is old and unhealthy mom who needs it.On the mother or on business trips and it referred when suddenly disappeared for a couple of weeks.Then there was only the phone.However, it was often not available, but there were always logical justification, and I believed him.Even when there were some doubts, I drove them away, because he will still always come back to me, and the relationship we were just wonderful.

Maybe something I do not notice him - the matter is that from the love of the head bad start to think, maybe just too believed him around, not realizing that it is possible to deceive the loved and loving person.But the fact is that my lover has admitted that he was married when I wanted to have a baby.

When I learned that he has a family and a child, then immediately decided to end the relationship.My mother brought one - my father left us when I was five years old.Therefore, I can not see as razluchnitsy.And, even if I loved him very much, it is still said to come in to the family.

And then almost six years dragged what the name is hard to find.There was a whole set of promises, vows to leave his family, a request to wait until the child graduates from school, then go to college.He solemnly installed concrete terms: "Since the new year we will be together, your birthday will be the beginning of our life together, I'm going into the weekend and Monday to get over things to you" and pr.

He swore that he loves only me,He has long made his choice, but to leave the family can not yet.It was impossible to leave, so as not to hurt his mother, then his wife got sick ... So whether it was I do not know - all this with his words.

He appointed day care of the family, I was waiting for him, and he not only did not come, but did not call, and then a few days later, again there on the doorstep with another story, very convincingly proves that he has long been all my heartonly with me, but circumstances ...

All this can not be described, and now she understand how all this sounds convincing, but then everything seemed different - I could not imagine that it's just meaningless words.

Intellectually I understand that you need to complete these relations will not lead once and for all.I tried many times to do it, we did not talk for a long time, and then he called again and came, promised, swore, and all went on.

already graduated his child, he has buried the old mother, seemed to have no reason to further delay the decision, but nothing changed.And I suddenly realized that terribly tired from all this and do not want him to go away from his wife and moved me - just do not want.And when I felt it, I realized, and another - I finally got rid of all the senses to it.

When I said this to him and offered to leave and never come back, he was very surprised: "What are you, in fact, unhappy?I'm with you spent as much time as you like.Why change something ?!Personally, I'm happy with everything. "

I do not know what he said to his wife as she was lying, but I'm sure she thinks I only in blame and curse the last words.But I have never demanded that he left his family, and always say only one thing: "You have to make his own decision, because it is impossible to deceive her and me!This is your life, and you have to decide it! ยป

What is my fault?What is the fault of people like me, single women who want a little happiness, but met on the way here, such as my lover, silver-tongued liars who lie for years, and their wives and mistresses ?!

story is already over.Why am I decided to write about it?Recently, one of our mutual friends suddenly told me that the wife of my now ex-lover tells everyone that her husband was never going to leave the family that I seduce him in the legs lying and begged leave his wife and child, and he was out of pitycould not in any way to break off relations.

And the husband, it turns out, an angel with wings, or not guilty, literally, has suffered from the insidious razluchnitsy side.Wives convenient to think so, but it is their right.Just sad to realize that extinct real men who know how to love and be faithful, and bear responsibility for their actions.