My family

How to treat her husband's infidelity, the case of every woman.I do not want to condemn or justify, because in every family, in every relationship has its own peculiarities.

about the betrayal I know firsthand, but from their own experience.After 9 years of our married life, I felt a chilling my husband and me and the family in general.Began a delay at work, travel, and more.And, naturally, I could not remain indifferent to it - began scandals, tears, reproaches.The husband denied everything, accused me that I'm completely immersed in his business, and completely ceased to pay attention to it.

Now I can say that his reproaches were a lot of truth.After giving birth, I went to work, and I had the opportunity to make a good career.Naturally, this had to work day and night.Well, housework, child - also the time and effort required.

But then I did not want to hear about the fact that something to blame, because I sincerely believed that doing so for the good of the family, because they grew up with a car

eer and salary, that is, our well-being.Few thought I, when my husband in one of the scandals told me that I probably do not even remember the last time we slept together, and he - a living person.

The moment I first hesitated, remembering, and then resentment overcame common sense, and I began to cry, she was tired that all the forces spend on family, work and so on.I would then think seriously, and it was possible to keep all of us out of trouble, but my self-confidence and wounded pride did not give me do the right thing.On the contrary, my husband and I moved away even more: nearly stopped talking - just in case.

And after some time, my husband said that away from me - he had another woman, she is expecting a baby, our son and he will not leave, and will help to communicate.It was then that I thought seriously about my life, because I married for the great love came out, and she loved her husband.But the habit of something, turnover, weekdays and some confidence that the family - it is unshakable, forever, I relaxed.

Then everything was like at all: I asked, cried, blackmailed child.My husband also suffered, because honestly said that he still loves me, and not the woman.But it is about to be born child, and he does not know what to do in such a situation, do the right thing.My husband lost weight, grown old in a short time and started to hurt, and I was frightened in earnest.

We decided not to rush into a divorce, and a time to live apart, to think ... I mean, he's decided to think, and I did not mind.During this time I found out who that other woman.She is younger than me and led a frivolous life, changed men, even gave birth to one of his gentlemen, who did not recognize the child, and he disappeared in the vast country.And then she turned up my husband, that I neglect my own actually forced a family.

I experienced a lot, but did not yet know that I would.One evening her husband came back - it was not the face.That woman gave birth to his child, a boy, whose husband wrote for themselves.And there was a misfortune - the woman hit by a car, she died on the spot.She has no relatives - she herself from the orphanage.Remaining two children - a son of my husband and five year old girl is not known from whom.

We are in the evening and night for many conversations, and I was not an easy decision.I will not tell how much effort, time and money we needed to legally pick ourselves these two kids.

Now our family is growing three children - two boys and a girl.It was hard to get used to other people's children, but I could do it, and now almost does not feel the difference between them - all their own.We live together and never remember the past.

Many people called me crazy, fool, to take on a heavy burden, but I do not regret that I do so, because children are in no way to blame, and the husband of his mistake redeemed completely.And, frankly, in a lot of what happened to my guilt.If I were smarter, I lead myself in another way, nothing would have happened.

Could I do otherwise?Yes, it is, especially when all the offense overlaps.But time did not did so, then there is a feeling stronger than this is the resentment and wounded pride.

I left work, as three children require a lot of time and attention, but do not regret it.In our house is now noisy and fun, and we all love each other truly.

All different are the relations, but it seems to me that is rarely in any trouble, so that only one to blame.You need to be honest with yourself and be able to recognize that sometimes you do not want.And yet, I think it is important that a woman was more kindness.

I do not regret anything.And often I think that this is an ordeal that we sent life - strength test which we have passed.