Do not take someone else's !

I always envied her friend.It seems to be recognized in this indecent, but the truth still can not hide.She was always lucky!Of these, I used to say that they were born "with a golden spoon in his mouth."And Larissa - she always got the best, and my husband too.Only she was always dissatisfied with everything, grumbling and cursing.

And her husband she did not appreciate.I do know that, because neither met, she conceals his last words: redneck and he, and walking, and rough and rude, and the house does not help, and he has no interest there.And it is not diluted with him just because he did not want to deprive the child's father, even though he's still a little boy is not engaged.I listened, and remembered her husband did not believe!Because I'm very familiar with her husband and saw that he was gentle, kind, cheerful, with a good character, and to earn decent.Honestly, I liked him immediately.I was very envious when Larissa came to marry him.

Perhaps that is why from the beginning I sympathized Podru

gina husband, regretted it and felt deep down bitch girlfriend, unworthy of him.When we began an affair with him, I did not even notice.First I realized ashamed, because it is bad.And then I thought, why I can not be happy ?!Not everyone in this life best friend should accrue.

In short, I took her husband with a friend without any remorse!He first so simple to me moved, and then divorced.On the right of the child by a court to pay child support and has become even slightly he gloated, saying that most of the salary he had in cash in an envelope issued, so that now the money his ex-wife will not see.

And then our family life began, and it turned out that this is not a holiday as I had thought.Over time I began to understand that my friend was not so wrong about her husband.The first thing I noticed that he did not remember his little son.Even about his birthday, I recalled, but he still did not congratulate him.When I asked, he began to say that completely broke with the past, and does not want it interfering in his new life.But the child is not to blame!

And then it all started: coming home from work, her husband demanded food, watching TV, reading the newspaper and not paying attention to me.When I tried to say something, he accused me that I'm ungrateful, he left the family for me, and I still speak.And he was terribly hungry - every time the food and necessary things had to beg money, and he calls me spendthrift and set an example to his ex-wife, who herself is well earned.

All what my friend told me, was gradually coming true.A good, sweet and kind, my husband was with strangers, at work, at home and became himself: boorish, rude, greedy, petty bum.

Recently I met her, now former, girlfriend.I wanted to turn aside so as not to catch the eye, but she called to me.I was scared that I Larissa made a scandal and disgrace on the street, but was mistaken.Larisa was hilarious, looked good and seemed to be laughing at me.And then she asked: "Well, my eyes zaviduschie, already gorged on" happiness "with someone else's husband?" And asked some very good-naturedly, even sympathetic.Yes, even I warned that if I did not understand until now, in time necessarily come!

home I told my husband that I met Larissa.He immediately began to abuse her, call, say what it was unfortunate, but I suddenly felt so disgusted.I remembered that before he, too, always scolded his wife complained about it, but I sympathized with him, and believed even rejoiced that her friend about Lucky hear such words.And now I realized that maybe he and me someone says the same, looking for sympathy.

I led off someone else's husband, but of happiness with him is not received.I understand that in all my fault, and most need to look for exit.Worst of all, I'm pregnant, however, the term is still small.Abortion does not want to do badly, I dreamed about the baby for a long time, but also give birth with her husband scared because I'm not going to live with it - it is already understand.So I got into the trap of his own envy, only life itself ruined.I want to recommend from my own experience - if your lover is strong wife scolds, think hard, as you would in her place not to be!And it is not all that you envy, is worth it.And I envy quite healed, but that's what cost ?!