To think and do the right thing ...

What can I say - hard woman whose husband walks, make a decision.Especially because every family has its own circumstances, and every woman - the character and the limits of patience.And I hardly know anyone who is easily and thoughtlessly gives advice on how to deal with such situations, because it is such a great responsibility for the fate of people.

difficult, of course, help but feel sorry for her friend, for example, does not stigmatize her womanizer husband-and does not advise from the heart, they say, throw it, why did he do this ?!Here female solidarity plays an important role, and, perhaps, other senses too.Or, on the contrary, advise to fight for their happiness or struggling to keep the family together.

And yet, even in the biggest burst of candor, we still do not tell everything and very close friend.Something just embarrassed to say something too intimate, to know yourself.Namely, such things can have decisive on the issue - to tolerate adultery or divorce.

I'm not going to give advice,

someone in something persuade or dissuade.I just wanted to tell you that it was me personally at the time forced to make a decision to get a divorce from her husband, which I changed.And I have not regretted that decision once.

From childhood I have the most painful memories, and I try not to stir them in memory.My parents were very poor, because my father constantly has an affair on the side.At first I was little and I remember only constant quarrels.Then he was older and already knew the cause of these quarrels.Shouts, insults, accusations, tears - all repeated with enviable regularity.And then I began to notice that a parent voices added the voice of my grandmother - my mother's mother, who kept repeating the same thing: "Do not you dare to destroy the family, the child needs a father!ยป

child - it's me, the only daughter of his parents.However, my father has always been not to me - his stormy personal life just do not leave it for this time.And my mother suddenly began to treat me worse and worse.It completely stopped me to do, and if I tried to approach her with questions or talk, push me away, saying that once.And once I overheard her say grandmother that could not see me, because I - a copy of her father, whom she hates.Grandmother pleaded that the child is not to blame, it is wrong, but my mother was crying, and her attitude towards me changed nothing.

After overheard conversation, I tried not to bother my mother with their presence, even though a lot of crying and worried, because I loved her.Mom seemed to be happy with this only.With his father they stopped swearing, but lived as neighbors, hardly talking to each other.And the house was always a tense atmosphere, unkind.

years passed, I graduated from high school and went to study.Home come rarely and for a short time, and then got married.The father almost as soon as I entered the institute, resigned from his mother for another woman, and when I came, my mother most of the time he cursed and reproached me that for my sake she was tormented all his life.

I did not think I was that I was also waiting in the life of disappointment, but my husband after eight years of marriage, told me that he loves another woman, and does not leave her just because he did not want to leave without our father's son.I tell the truth - at first I was delighted that he will remain with me, and then began to remember his childhood.And I realized that I do not want, would not agree to my son experienced what I experienced as a child.

I told my husband, so he made a choice and decided.And that if he leaves, his road back will be gone.We divorced, and when my mother found out about the divorce, she gave me a scandal, because now my children will grow up without a father.I had to remind her that I went through when she was trying to save my father.

Now we live together with their son.I do not forbid him to meet with his father and try to keep him calm and smooth relations.And I understand that in this embodiment, my child is much less trauma than if we all lived together, and the husband would constantly eager for another woman.I think that with time, and I had a personal life, and everything will be fine.

So it is not always the desire to preserve his father's children for their good turns.In each case, you need to think for themselves and to understand how to correctly and do better.