Anything can happen ..

I wanted a little bit about the betrayal write.Our family was so ... It's hard to have, but survived.Here, in order.We have always lived normal, good relations were fond of each other, and love to this day.The children - two have already grown big.They worked together with her husband.Wealth good.This is me in such detail that it is clear - ordinary family, such is probably the most.

But all start to crumble.Not only in the country - and in our family, too.My husband has always been the breadwinner, the owner of the house, its main income was, and then, first stopped paying, and then fired at all.Not him alone, of course, but their grief more painful sore.I settled for another one job (I myself am an accountant, so began to take work from private owners), somehow ends meet, and her husband was trying to look for a job.

job is not, he wilted at all, somewhere out of the house often I go away.Frankly, I'm tired of so much that is not right and noticed it.And here people are "good" suggested that my husb

and my friend zahazhivaet in the house next door, and, moreover, often.

Honestly, once learned, once all the stake has risen in me, decided to expel immediately.I am torn here, try for two, it is not trying to pressure you, do not swear, to allow time to recover, so as not to break the man, and he even think to walk.For a long time without thinking, I went to a friend and asked point blank.And she says that I am guilty, all this is correct, and he with me seriously.And when her husband returned home, a long conversation we had, with tears, accusations ...

Only then I realized one thing that my husband drop off the life which he served, it was so heavy that he gave up the slack.It's a shame it was that his wife is now his children and feed and water that does not work he did that without a job he does not find a place, lost in this life ... I am ashamed to come to the house and look in his eyes.Suddenly, a "friend", listened, sorry - before her weak he not be ashamed in front of her, he looks to others.And he realized what he had done, he just went crazy.

I listened to him and thought: "The horse has four legs, and he stumbles."After all, if to banish it, break all.And this is the father of my children, people with whom I have lived for so many years, happily, and.I just do it, in general, not just to be honest, but simple.We have gathered the whole family and have decided that you need to change something radically.

persuaded my mother to move us, and her apartment was sold in duty took another, and quietly do their job.Her husband - a great mechanic, friends he had, like him, with golden hands.They opened a car repair shop, and I in them and for the frames and for all the documentation and accounting replied.A mother at home with the children and the housework.Difficulties were full, but that's another story.

I have to say that's one thing that so many years have passed, but I have never regretted that forgave him.However, close friends since then not looking.Husband me even more love and respect - that I know.We did not remember that story.Only once somehow, wedding anniversary, he said that I do not forgive him if he would be all did not live without me and the children, because no one needed, and myself too.

Treason - treason strife - I think so.Some people with fat rage, collecting mistresses, someone is looking for happiness, which deprived the family, and there is hopelessness and despair.What is there to conceal, broke the "restructuring" is not a fate, not a single family, and still break ...

A husband I love, all for a happy woman lives.And the kids are good, and things got on.And I think, well, then I have crazy enough not to cut straight from the shoulder, and save the family, and happiness.As in the song - "love is long, but life is still long."

How to introduce, as it might all turn - still scary!And others I wish wisdom: do not rush to decide spur of the moment and try to understand what happened and why ...