Three of my mother in law

«Its uterus Bey does not break, and the stranger, stroking, ironed.""In-law - a thunderstorm, and the mother-in-vyest eyes."However, the cute Russian proverbs and sayings, I always get confused, as they are correctly called!But is it all a bad thing?

Looking back, sometimes wonder how perception of events is changing bygone years.Until now, snort, remembering how we're still almost a girl, first discussed "our" in-law.Our she became because of other in-law on the general horizon did not yet exist.We loved it all!And although, according to our standards, eighteen-year-old she was, after all, as much as 42 years he lived in the world, but has been very slim, cheerful I've never seen her in a dirty robe, she went home in little jeans and shirt, cowboy shirt.

It was a good family, which coexisted in one big apartment three families, with our young child, my husband's parents, have already become grandparents, were both approximately 43-45 years old, and parents of grandparents, have, respectively, great-g

randparents.Strong one our girlfriend nor oppressed, but is often taught as education barely be far from good, and the older generation in every way tried to fill this gap.

Since then, many years have passed, I navidalsya in-law in a variety of, and somehow strengthened in me the feeling that all the passions in the stories about the mother-in greatly exaggerated.Or am I so unlucky?

happens so that people just want to live in the house, and did not participate in his life, do not take family structure, which includes.Then they can only sympathize, and complain about the naivety.

Even having lived all his life with his own mother, I was a completely different hostess with another world view, if I may say so.We did not match virtually anything, even my way of sweeping mother did not like (I sprinkled a bit of chalk floors), and irritated me wet footprints on a broom, which remained after my mother's sweeping (my mother liked to dip the broom in the bucket of water).

But we simply divided the spheres of activity and all, if the mother was leaving the country, I was removed as wanted, and while I was at work, as she wanted, mom cleaned already.And in the preparation of our tastes do not coincide almost never, even in small things.Mom had nothing to brown and sauté for filling soups for me - it is required, I probably will not cook soup, than give up everything just to get well.

My first in-law was a great kulinarka, simple soup-noodles could admire and overeat, at least every day.Cakes and sweets - above praise.So far I'm doing "honey cake" recipe for my first in-law, and every time I remember it, I do not dozhivshuyu even up to 50 years.For some time I have lost relatives first husband in mind, and after making friends with his current wife, began to see again, and the former in-law.

's sister-in-law of the former, too, he was an interesting woman, but with it, we like a couple of times "poshipeli" at each other, but apparently it was within, and it will no longer prevent me from going to see her at a party.It was a very strong-willed woman, the kind that always make me respect and admiration: always with a light make-up, well-groomed, adoring all kinds hats and hoods.This in my view should be a real lady.

Here is the second-in-law was just a woman, a tornado!Everything that came into her head, and she embodied, and the realization hit me the way his imagination.Who would call it creative solutions, a competition - the "do-it-yourselfers"!it is a sofa in the kitchen decided to put on my memory, as well as along the length of it was too big, and it took a sawed!As I do not know, but sawed, I sewed and rug covered ...

decided to make a roof on the balcony, so pulled her son (my at that time husband) rented svezhenabity iron sheet with the front door, per night and nailed, and painted, so that the eye does notI rushed.She I learned different tricks on a more economical management of the economy.Brisk was aunt cheeful!

It turns out that even with two own in-law I was lucky?Though, here and luck factor can not be denied, I was lucky in that I have always been taught that a party to behave culturally, in fact, it does not say, and her husband's house - a house of his parents, that is clearly not mine.But my husband can not in reproach, in my memory there were only three or four episodes, where in-law was somehow involved in our conflicts.Usually, parents quarrels were behind the line of fire and was not discussed by us.

agree that there are many strange way to call her mother in law to complain about his son!I've got a friend of the unhappy mother in law "in history."Expensive in-law after each disassembly and her husband make known his mother, zhivopisuya in detail who said what, and that the said or did.

In my opinion, it's silly and somehow not very good, in relation to the in-laws.Agree, no wife, son violently to the registrar is not pulled, the power in the marriage does not hold.And to throw out a lot of trouble on the human head, which can not change anything in the situation - it is useless.Maybe something new and unpleasant mother and learns about his son, but I still love him, but her daughter in law, related to the exact change.

A third in-law was a gift of fate.At first we lived close to each other, and then she moved to live with his eldest son to another city.While she was younger, even I went to visit us.Of course, my husband went on vacation every year to visit relatives - the item of family life program was mandatory.

As time passed, the mother in law became even older, and all communication came down to a rare letters and phone calls as to call, it was necessary to go to the post office.Over the years, it has become difficult to go far, and before the age of the mother in law has not lived cell phones.

Never, in all the years of our marriage with her son, she did not intervene in our lives, by word or look.And if other relatives by marriage and I have been pretty sharp skirmish, then with his mother - no.I even called her mother, while trying to not hear my mom, I was afraid that it touches her.Any request in-law carried out by me at once, while her husband be shaken, I buy everything herself, and send by mail.Although it is not often requested, and if so requested, and then medication, which they simply did not exist in the town.And always, I began to write a letter of reply, and then slipped to her husband, so he scribbled a few lines to her mother.

It turns out that I was lucky in life-in-law, even though it was three of them, or is it the past few years a positive impact on my mind, and remember only the good?Or maybe your own age is already working?I do not know, but I know one thing that almost any person can be negotiated if it sane, would wish, of course!Somewhere, sometimes you have to give way somewhere to keep silent, and somewhere a long and unnecessary to hear the story.But it's necessary to do and for their relatives, so, nothing special, nothing new here.

A reward will be a good relationship with relatives of her husband, I think that my husband will assess if there is a normal situation in the family.Squabbling anyone yet did not bring anything good, and will not do.Life goes on, the years pass, do not have time to look back, and already own will in-law and teschami ...