Chance meeting

This chance encounter would change my whole life ... I am sorry I do not have or that it never happened, I can not honestly answer even myself, but what I remember her for eight years, it's true.I remember with some aching feeling moved to memory all the details and carefully again save somewhere on the bottom of the soul, not to reopen itself ...

After the big scandal with her husband, I took the child and went to another city to her mother to calm down andwhat really honest, to think about the future, because it was close to divorce, ever.

mom happy, and because I have decided it is not frustrating, the house was a festive mood, it's not so often I visit them.Hex enough, my mother began to send me to walk, to meet with classmates, erstwhile friends.Although I did not want to get out of the house in the slushy November, but for the umpteenth time to assure the mother that my husband is all right, but he did not come just because a lot of things, I'm tired.Moreover, her husband, calling once and ran

into my rough answer, no longer rang, it was hard to explain to my mother.

communicate with no one wanted.Especially there was nothing to brag to her friends.I wandered through the streets and wondered what to do next, felt miserable, lonely, useless.It seemed that nothing good will no longer be.I took offense at him and was angry at him, trying to take at least some decision and could not find the exit.

I have always been an exemplary wife, husband loved and respected, and was still convinced that he - the husband - one given to the end of life.Well, that's so old and dusty, I had, in vain, that provincial.

... We ran into him on the steps of the supermarket.Tall and strong, he literally swept me right off the porch into the dirty slush, and fell out of his hands smashed a bottle of cognac and watered me up and pungent smell of alcohol.To add even my depression and despair - as I now mom's eyes will surely show - dirty and reeking of alcohol ?!

man, still apologizing, picked me up, put on his feet, looked into his eyes and saw that I myself intact.After examining my clothes, he began to calm - machine nearby, special dry cleaning in the house, in an hour I'll be all right, and he is willing to compensate me his awkwardness.

not really trying to figure out what I'm doing, I sat in his car.Sheepskin accepted and promised to 2-3 hours to put in order.Only now I realized that I was stripped at the other end of the city.The dirty clothes back home was impossible, and without clothes - even more so.

involuntary My abuser was very attentive, he invited me to come, so I waited for will clean clothes.I swear that I am a married woman would never accept such an invitation, but then, like a fog in my head.And ... I agreed - called mother that stayed with a friend and took a step towards something that she did not understand at the moment.

... He was incredibly appealing, so just what I drew back in her girlish dreams - a tall, powerful, but not a "jock", an elegant, masculine and beautiful with attentive, slightly mocking eyes.From it came some incredibly attractive smell, and when his strong hands supporting me, my legs refused to go, and my head just spinning.It was an obsession.

My modesty was not subjected to any tests, because the man was polite and correct.He led me in the not too rendered habitable, although a clean apartment, sat in a chair and went to make coffee.I looked around, listening to his phone conversation.And then - the smell of coffee, his attentive eyes on the contrary, enveloping voice, and all the ... full fog in which I dissolve itself - absolutely not aware that what I'm doing.

I will not describe that evening and night to follow him.We drank coffee and some wine.Then from somewhere I took my sheepskin already quite clean.It seems that I did try to go home, but somehow remained, and even called my mother did not come overnight.

And then ... I just want to say that never was not with me and will no longer be such.Sometimes I think that I did it all figured out because this can be a painful, carrying away into oblivion delight, enjoyment, union of two people, all strangers, and strangers suddenly become one.

And in the morning, waking up in a strange apartment, if I woke up and was horrified at what he had done.While he slept, I quietly got dressed and slipped out the door.A surprise awaited me at home - her husband came to pick us up with his daughter home.It's hard to describe what I was feeling: shame and confusion, hurt and joy, anger and remorse - all mixed up, but the decision came in an instant: we immediately packed up and went home immediately.

I never even a hint not give her husband to understand what happened to me that night, and he knew me as a faithful and loving wife, and even could not think about the change.What I myself thought about all this, when the passions subsided?When we quarreled with her husband, I began to regret that then ran away.Represented as it could change my life, if we wake up together ... When my husband was doing well, I'm glad that did not succumb to the temptation to destroy the family.

But one thing I will say for sure - I have never regretted that it was.Let half I thought of myself, and it was a lot easier, but I felt and feel so far.I remember that night so clearly, as if it was yesterday.And I often think, and if he remembers the man whose name I never learned about the sad girl in a stained fur coat, which flashed in it, certainly eventful life?And for some reason I really want to recall, at least occasionally, at least out of the corner of consciousness ...