Treacherous apostate !

Well, that's why the husband changes ?!Now you will begin to say that it is necessary to create conditions in the family, have a look at.Yes, he has all the conditions, and I'm jumping around, I look like a speck of dust.And everything in the house in order and clean.And I do not own a crocodile!No, leave the family, he is not going.Sam swore a hundred times more expensive that we Mishka he has no one and never will.And infidelity I caught him more than once.As if he can not resist when pretty face see, or any case podvorachivaetsja.

Clearly, today psychologists will talk about male polygamy, about the age of forty years of crisis, and so on.But humanly explain why there are such men ???Well, what they do not have ??Uma, conscience, responsibility or simply integrity ??

expel him I could still the first betrayal.But he was lying in the legs, he asked for forgiveness, swore that never again ... he loves.And in fact telling the truth, that's how it is at the time and thought.

first I worried, crying, a

fraid that we will throw with his son.Then he stopped, realizing that he had nowhere to stay.And now I feel to it some sense of pity mixed with mild disgust.That son study up and throw as nashkodivshego cat.Although, at that time because pouspokoitsya, perhaps?Not eternal engine, he finally ?!

That's before I loved him very much, because the first of his infidelity so wounded, respected, listened.He is a smart and charming, because it so women and hung up!And a good father - son with a lot of deals, they have excellent relationships.And the boss.Well, it would be great, if not ... ..

And those of his treason ... At first, I respect him no longer, and now I understand that and do not like, I guess.So, I live out of habit, so now, let alone that his son learn the necessary, and without support it will not pull.

What is so life is unfair, that by marrying, we find ourselves at the mercy of men.Can not somehow laid out at work, make a career and earn decent money, if you want to, and house, and the family were in order.

That man is perfectly aligned, marry, have children and a career at the same time doing.Only that for ours, for women through their leaves so because all the rear we provide them.And how they achieved something, and immediately begins that supposedly feed contain and so on ... The injustice of life is!Maybe that's why and change?Well, his power, and our reliance feel ??Like, we will not get to anywhere!

I was ashamed before someone tell about it, and then open up with my friends and realized that no one I live.It's a shame!I that I try to live like him?And then life goes, but misses!