Relationship managers and subordinates

Each of us wants to have a smooth, respectful relations with the authorities, because of this so much depends, and, above all, attitude to work.But we spend at work most of his life.What should be done, how to behave, to form the right relationships with the leaders?

First, let subordination.Translated from the Latin word "subordination" means submission.Once upon a time, long ago, this notion meant solely the obedience of soldiers senior in rank.At a time when the main occupation of the men were involved in the hostilities, and the power was considered the main argument was developed by the original code, the essence of which was as follows: the child must obey the

superior just because he - superior.Otherwise, due to the internal contradictions there will be no time or energy to an external enemy.

subordination law is not so much has changed over the past millennium, and it is valid today in any group: all employees must comply with the same code, which we have already said - the child must obey the superior, period.It is impossible to imagine such a scene: every morning CEO proves subordinate its right to give orders.

old Roman principle of "what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to a bull" still works.For example, if the boss calls you by name, and "you", you can not respond in kind, even if you are very pretty.If you're with him - friends, and in his spare time playing tennis together and go to each other's homes, in the service you should refer to it as Lee, as well as other employees.

If you - the head

What rules must be followed to the head, if he wants to not only organize the work well in a team, but also the respect of subordinates?

- Choose the right tone in dealing with subordinates: unceremonious attitude is unacceptable, as well as abuse of power.

- A friendly welcome their employees and do not forget about elementary form of politeness: the words "thank you", "please", "please" and others should not lose their value to you when you become a leader.

- If you want to make a remark to his subordinate, call him at his office, but in any case not to report it with the rest of the staff.

- If you want to fire a subordinate, do it in person and not through a third party, and, of course, alone.

- fired one of the employees, think of those who remained: it may seem, this situation is extremely unpleasant and frightening.Explain their subordinates what caused your decision.

If the manager wants to subordinate its respect, it should treat them with the same respect, so control your words and actions, so as not to cause a negative attitude on the part of subordinates, as it, in turn, may adversely affect the performance.And indeed much nicer when the work develops a friendly atmosphere.

If you - a slave

nature of your relationship with the head of the head sets.It is he who determines the boundaries for which you do not have to go.

Even if the head of the offers are not too formal relations, for example, allows the handle to the "you" and by name, remember that it is still your boss.Remember

and that a colleague, equal to you on the situation today may be your boss tomorrow.