Alien husband

I really like the husband of my girlfriend.Do not think I'm not repulsed him, and even nothing has indicated that feel to it some feelings, although the relationship we have with him from the very beginning there were friendly and kind.

And Marina we have been friends since childhood, ever since, when they lived with their parents in the same house and even in a stairwell.Then Marina got married and moved to another area, and I bought my apartment.But we continued to not only communicate, and share everything that happens in our lives.

In my opinion, Marinka husband got the gold!He is patient, caring, love her very much and suffers stoically Marinkin character.A friend of mine - a gendarme in a skirt.She commanded all childhood.I got used to it, if it is too much pressing, simply leave out, to wait.I always tyufyachkoy she called and said that everything in my ride, and if not for her, so would all have been zatyukali me.

Generally Marina good heart, it will always help in trouble help out, very hone

st and loyal.Just for some reason she thinks that he knows everything, and how to best.Well, it teaches all life.Worst of all, it is not for this particular picks up no words, neither the time nor the place.

When she get married, I even envied her, just like that, and said that she would be happy if my husband and I got this.And when they began to argue with Valera (this Marinkin husband), I immediately told her to listen to her complaints to him do not want to, because it is - a fool and does not understand how she was lucky in life.And she said to me that I myself his personal life can not be satisfied, but it is still trying to give advice.

Then I asked to me when it did not suit him to scandals and never told me about their relationship.Not immediately, but I managed somehow to isolate themselves from their showdown, although once I even went a few times of the guests when Marinka on Valery rush began.

But banish Valery when he occasionally came to me and called for coffee, I could not - he was so miserable that I could not help asking him sorry, something advise, and often simply persuaded that Marinka likes it, she just noisy and quarrelsome, but good.

most strange in this all - it claims to Valery Marinka!He does not walk, does not drink, well earns the house helps, cute, funny ... I was.But any mistake, for example, tea spilled or dropped a newspaper on the table, just cry, and all the same - there are people around or not, you will hear: "hands-hooks, can not ask for anything, you're always like an elephant," and so on.And he endured, smiling, trying to smooth out, to translate everything into a joke, causing Marinka was got even more.

And in their last row and I'm their "two cents" inadvertently reported.I came that evening to complain Marinka, because quarreled with her boyfriend on which to build serious plans.New Year was on the nose, and I was left alone, and that was to do - is unclear.

We sit in the kitchen with Marinko, she told me, they say, wipes his tears, men cursing, and here came Valery and headache tablets asks.Well, here is my friend, and suffered, he is such a cavalier that ever climbs everywhere, that five minutes does not sit still.And he stands, he looks so miserable, his eyes hurt ... I thought he would have been mine, I would be with him a speck of dust blows away, care, and she ...

And then I fell and expressed aloud that Marinka that still bitch,she spit on her husband, she does not even see that he was sick, she did not pay attention to it, washed down completely, does not respect, it is not considered.She said the fact that at the site of Valery, I would long ago have escaped from a sawmill scandalous, because it is impossible to live in such humiliation.

There are many more I have something out there screaming, and then generally pushed Marinka, took pills, thermometer, water poured Valery and led him out of the kitchen into the room.He drank a pill, lay down, and I got together and went home.What is interesting - Marinka not say a word, and from the kitchen did not come out.

A late Valery two days came to me with a suitcase.A cold, almost in tears, he said that he had nowhere to go longer, and asked to spend the night.Do not expel him well, especially because he was very sick!I had put it to sleep, watered pills, and she called Marinka.

She was not surprised, said she knew where he would run, and demanded that I kicked him.And he became very ill, the temperature rose, we had to call an ambulance.I'm running around doctors and Marinka phone interrupts and shouts that if I girlfriend, then immediately put to him by the door.In general, Marinka I sent in a female, but still very far away, and Valery left dolechivatsya.The next morning came

Marina, saw the state he was a little subsided.However, began to speak, so he went home, they say, will call a taxi and let the sick at home.But Valery said that he would not return home, and began a new round of scandal.I had to put her friend.

He stayed with me for almost a week before went on the mend.First, I do it with a spoon fed.Well, that Christmas vacation, and did not have to go to work.By Christmas he is almost completely recovered, and it was necessary to think what to do next.Marina did not call and did not come, but my mother came running and started screaming that it's a shame - to beat her husband have a better friend, they say, it will be the people to look into the eyes ?!

And we have nothing else and was not!We only talked or watched TV in silence.And I was calm with it and good at heart.And Valery himself once said that I was so unusual - quiet, comfortable in the house.I feel that I was drawn to him because he is always very pleasant to me.And like him, too attracted to me.But I remember how he loved Marinka, and many suffered from it.He did not like to - would be long gone, right?

And she - my girlfriend.I can not have her husband's best friend's lead, this is betrayal ?!And he does not solve anything, and so on can not pull.I think he look for an apartment or offer to return to the marina and to understand the relationship with her until the end.And there already, it would be, then let it be.

But I am afraid that he goes there and stay there.Somewhere I read that all is fair in love.But I can not do by themselves, and make him stay ...