Love triangle - a sad figure

Here she came, this is the love ... I came and did you completely happy.And let there calls when he is guilty smile, goes to the window to talk to, and frequent delays and cancellations of meetings and lonely holidays.Yes, your favorite long and hopelessly married ...

course, married women you are convicted, but because in your place could be any, because to manage such feelings as love, it is difficult, almost impossible.And among married women, there are many who meet with married men, what could be hiding ?!And in this situation is not even a "triangle" and "quadrangle" becomes even more complex and unpredictable.

But, when it all began, nothing bad was not thought at all.His courtship gifts, secret meetings - it sharpens all the senses and makes them even more vivid, not like the ones everyone else.And then time passed, and the constant expectation was a burden: lonely evenings, holidays with friends in other people's homes, and even obsessions, he there now rejoice, the inability to call itself,

because it can respond to a wife or a Snoopy colleagues - it all startsimpart bitterness so bright at first relationship.

And here it would have to consider, because it takes years, and your favorite in no hurry to understand the complex twists and turns of his feelings, can not or does not want to accept the decision, in which you'll be his only woman.It is clear that you do not want to think about it, you just want to love, wait and enjoy the meetings ...

It's your choice, but if you need to be aware of the fact that his whole life you have to share it with his wife and children and their affairsand the need to plan based on birthdays, holidays and concerns not only his family but also all the relatives.Moreover, their priority will always be higher.

your meetings will be poisoned him glancing at the clock, not to be late home from an "important meeting", your spirits will be exactly the same, which loves his wife ... And much more, as soon not think, for example, the inability to just walk orgo to the cinema or theater, sit in a cafe or restaurant, go on vacation or to visit friends.

Maybe we should find out what they need, your favorite?If he was so bad in the family, as he tells you, why he has so much time holding on to it and do not make a decision?And, maybe, goodbye to you just an adventure for him, which is decorated with weekdays, and will later be remembered as a nice episode?

Many men are looking for a new experience on the side is not because the house they have no heat, no understanding, no love.On the contrary, after these meetings, where all the senses are sharpened, it is especially nice to come back to a warm cozy nest, where all have been arranged according to their tastes and habits.And there are men, in fact, do not want to change!

If so, then you would be wise to leave as quickly as possible, because, then, when you get used and already begin to plan, to dream of a future together, his family, and he was by the time your relationship will become bored, you will be immeasurably harder.

But are you sure that is not so, and your lover serious feelings and intentions?Then the question arises, why did not he hated to part with his wife and did not marry you?Of course, he may have plenty of reasons to keep a marriage, for example, children who have to grow up.Then you must understand that your family, your children, you will have to defer to the "later" if "later" comes at all.As for his children, if parents become strangers and live separate lives, the living child in such a family - not the best option.

Problems "love triangle" can be resolved for years, or rather, not solved, but always postponed.Moreover, the man in this situation, life is best: he has a choice, the two women are struggling to hold him, to win over to their side.And how this all too clear: attention, affection, care, patience, and a demonstration of love.Getting used to, men can maintain this situation indefinitely, deftly maneuvering between the two women, and receiving from each of the best.

But this is not what you dreamed of!And it is not what you deserve!After all, you have the one and only life, and you have the right to be happy here and now, and not when your lover decides to anything.Lost years will not return.And if you want to have a baby?Even if your favorite is not against it, you can not exclude the fact that your son or daughter will see the Pope only in their spare time from his family.And if you have set for ourselves are willing to wait to make a decision regardless of the outcome, if you can make such a decision and of the unborn child, too?

Ā«Love Triangle" ... No one would not wish it to be, but if you happen to, weigh everything and make decisions consciously, foreseeing all the options and trying not to wishful thinking.