The rules of etiquette in the workplace

to adapt to the new environment, it is worth remembering etiquette rules prescribing behavior in the workplace.And, at least to begin with, to comply strictly with them.Thus, you will be able to meet with colleagues, get used to the environment and to understand exactly what the relationship is associated employees.What

recommend rules of etiquette for communication in the workplace?Be restrained, polite and correct.By asking questions, do not touch the personal order and restrict the occupational and internal.Do not forget to thank for their help you.

In conversation try not to talk about themselves and their problems, not to express concerns and fears, how the rest of your production activities and relations in the team.

not discuss the interview and the boss, do not count on the first impression, and, in general, discussion of the authorities - a bad taste.

not approach with any of his colleagues, and try to maintain a calm and friendly tone in communication with all co-workers without exception

.Probably, you will develop with someone closer relationship with someone remain strictly business, but it has to come to the time when you are already well know the people around you.

not gossip!Do not discuss any of those present do not support such calls.Try to stay away from the existing conflict, not taking sides.Time to find out who is right and who is wrong, you have not been, and participation in such groups can be expensive later.

do not show your bad mood.Even if you have personal troubles, or family problems, to work people come to work, and impermissibly burden others with their concerns, distracting them from their cases.In addition, any personal information about you can be a cause for gossip.

not lead conversations, even on the official topic so that heard all around.Try to keep all your conversations were organized in such a way that your interlocutors were only those employees who are directly related to the topic under discussion.

And, of course, make sure your habits.People sometimes do not realize that unconsciously engaged in not the most attractive to outside view of things.This refers to such habits: picking his scythe in his ears, in his mouth - pens and pencils, nail treatment - trimming and sawing, scratching, chewing gum, singing in a low voice, shouting whatever their thoughts and actions, clicking joints, blatant yawn andsneezing, picking his teeth with a toothpick, and holding it in his mouth, chewing a match - this list is endless.

your manners should be such that it does not offend the feelings of the people around you.So remember that etiquette prescribes use a toothpick to sink, (then you have to throw it away and not continue to hold in the mouth).It is impossible to work chew gum, smoke anywhere other than designated places, making the workplace makeup or comb, there at your desk during the day.Indecent considered discussion of the functions of the body, it is not necessary to discuss and disease.

impression you make on your new colleagues, remains permanently.And if it is unfavorable, then you will have much work to change their view of themselves.So think about it in advance.