I - a good mother-in-law !( Letter to the editor )

Frankly, already fed up with all these jokes and anecdotes about tesch.It has become a tradition of some sort - once upomyanesh pro-law, so immediately you some bearded anecdote issue.It is unpleasant to be the character of jokes, and I - mother-in-law even two times, that is, I have two in-law.

And I wrote because of my experience I realized: it's not what you mother-in-law, but simply a relationship with anyone is difficult to build, and one can not do it, especially if you do not go forward!A relationship mother-in-law, and depend to a very large extent on the level of development and education of both.

As I said, I have two in-law.With one, the eldest daughter of my husband, we have an excellent relationship that we respect each other and support, although not immediately so it all came together.At first, I pick on him as jealous of her daughter.It seemed to me that she would be unhappy due to his fault.

It took some time, and I realized that the most important thing is that he has chosen my daug

hter, myself.Choose and love!And as long as she likes, it does not offend, satisfied, my job is to take it for what it is, without criticism, accusations and interference in their affairs.

And after some time I saw my son in law - a good and kind man, a family man, he loves my daughter, children and cares for them, and this is - the most important thing.And he is very patient and respectful all the time to me, it does not provoke quarrels and does not take offense if I have any comments do.

We used to get along fine.Once I even towards him in a serious quarrel took their daughter then offended.But I acted justly, and my son-in was grateful for such objectivity.

But with her husband's youngest daughter relationship does not add up.We see each other, mostly on holidays.He treats me exactly as a mother-of anecdotes, not even shy about it.For help to him, you can not handle - he never has time.He even his birthday can not congratulate.

When I suggest that they are the children brought to the country - let the kids run about on the grass, he's against.Children are steamed in the heat of the city, a nurse, rather than to live in the country.My opinion, he never asks, and I do not speak for him, too, try to stay away, but I do not see the fault in the fact that it all happened.He did even not called, though they live with her daughter in its ninth year, only "vykat" when it is very necessary to consult!

daughter says that he was just a man, he and his parents are the same cool attitude.Of course, it hurt me a little, but on the other hand, will not I deal with his education ?!He - a grown man, let them live, as best he can.The main thing that my daughter was happy, and I pereterplyu.

I really want to be a good mother-in rather than anecdotal.But two different in-law, two different people, and different attitudes.So it is not only in the case teschah something!The bias plays a role in the relationship!I do not know, since childhood, whether that is brought up, but of course, we would like good relations with all, because we - one family.

upbringing in the family lays the child's relationship with others.And the relationship of the future mother-in-law with a future, and a daughter-in-law - too.So, I think that it is not in jokes to look for the essence of the relationship, and in education - there is the root of evil, which prevents people from living in peace and harmony.