How to plan a family budget ?

said that good to be rich and healthy.However, the concept of "wealth" at everyone, and people with roughly the same income can live in very different ways: some quite contented, others - tormented by poverty.

experts divorce claim that at the heart of nearly 70% of divorces are disagreements about money.Ironically, it is this reason and ahead of a mismatch of characters, and betrayal, and addictions.

Few before marriage thinks about the financial matters of the future family.Often it is just beginning when the soil money conflicts arise.But then not too late to sit down and plan your family budget.Admittedly this is only possible if both partners are well represented, of which this is the budget the sum, and where the "funneling" money.

If you decide to bring financial problems in the family in order, first of all, count all the income, that is, all kinds of earnings, which is in the family.The basic family expenses are generally calculated on four articles.

- Required expenses: this is payment for

utility services, tuition or child care, compulsory payment of accounts, loans, if any, etc. This article is the main and almost constant..

- Basic expenses: this is the cost of food, medicines, visit courses, clubs, clothing, transportation, telephones, internet, housekeeping, pocket money, etc. ..

- Savings: here made the money deposited for emergency needsFor example, repair, vacation or for large purchases.

- free costs: this money on entertainment, gifts, house parties.

Almost all the family expenses can be put into one of these four sections.

These items of expenditure may increase or decrease depending on the situation.To understand how to distribute the money in your family, try to make your family budget and calculate the monthly costs, but at the same time, to plan incomes and expenses for 4-6 months in advance.

usually young families make quite common errors in financial matters.The very first of them - this is a situation where there is no clear picture of the revenue and expenditure of the agreement, and the couple have come to rely on a "maybe" or believe that the money - generally uncomfortable topic for discussion.

As a result, they find themselves in an even more uncomfortable situation when life still forces them to raise and discuss these issues.But most often it occurs in the form of mutual insults, accusations of carelessness and extravagance, or at all, the inability to make decent money.

second common mistake in the young, and that really hide, and with the experience of the families, too - it's the inability to prioritize expenses, purchases, payments.Family members want everything at once, and as a result can not get even necessary.

The same result can lead and neglect scheduling when it would be possible not only to advance save money, but also to get the desired discount on the wholesale price, and so on. N.

great danger for the family budget is illiterate use of insurance credit, checks, bank accounts.This is generally the bane of our society, it has only recently faced with such creature comforts.Do not be lazy to thoroughly check with bank employees or vendors all the opportunities offered at the conclusion of a transaction that it did not come out to bite you.

misconceptions about financial risks when making investments, which lost money - a situation familiar to all the unfortunate depositors notorious pyramid schemes.

If you carefully think over this list, you can easily avoid many financial problems, because one of the most important guarantees of the successful conduct of finance is a certainty in matters of distribution of money for family expenses and personal needs of each individual.

And do not forget - when planning the family budget is very important that each member of the family had the money, which he can spend at its discretion and will, not reporting to the others in their spending.Let it be a small amount, but the children from childhood accustomed to plan their expenses and handle the money, while the adults will always be able to hold each other surprises and do not feel embarrassed, suddenly finding themselves without a penny of money.