Relatives should love , or when a mother in law - an angel!

I want to tell you why she divorced her first husband.To some it will seem ridiculous or improbable, but I was not laughing.I have gone through so much, that now seems amazing that I even broke down.Since then, I shudder at the word "family", and I believe that the presence of a single mother in law - it is a great luck in life.

It all started with the fact that before the wedding, my husband said that they have a big and happy family.Actually, I'm glad, because of all his relatives I have one aunt, who also lives far away.So I thought that now I will have native people, family.And that all is one and one.

My husband was a good man and kind, besides hospitable.At the wedding I gathered all or almost all of his relatives, probably from all over Russia - as were many of them.But the wedding - the thing is, what can and can endure the inconvenience.However, when my one-bedroom "Khrushchev" after the wedding night left 7 people relatives, except for my husband, I felt uncomfortable - yet the wedding night


And then began: to us regularly, every month come visit, 2-3, and sometimes more, man.They lived from a few days to a month.Moreover, I had to cook, take care of them, and even entertain.All of her husband participated in the reception of the guests came down to toast to the dinner table and loud conversations of drunk after.

That's nothing, but, as one, the guests complained about the hard life and asked who the vase, one service, one dress.And the left is still unhappy, although packed bags to the eyeballs.I remember very well one of their gifts - a few birch twigs for a bath.In my words, that we do not go to the bath, some husband's uncle cut that gift horse in the teeth do not look.

Time passed, and the family did not end.The financial situation became just threatening - not enough money for essentials.When I timidly tried to tell my husband that this is necessary to do something, he immediately cut off - they say, I love the family, and that this is where native people can not visit ?!On my request to settle them in a hotel, he replied that it is expensive, and to live in a filthy hotel, where relatives have in the city - it will not understand.

If you had guests in the house, you know exactly what it is work: washing, cleaning.And, of course, is the high cost.All vacation plans for any purchases collapsed because barely enough to feed the whole horde.Finally, I have patience snapped when her husband spur of the moment decided that it is some great-niece to study in Moscow, and to live with us, because you can not live a decent young girl in a hostel!

My objection nobody listened, and we reigned not only niece, but her parents with the youngest son, who had come to visit and look at the capital.This family began hosting in my house, like yourself - to climb on the cabinets, take what they like.Then I broke down and made a scandal.Guests razobidelis and moved out somewhere, and my husband and we had a fight that day seriously.And he told me that there is a lot of wives and relatives one!

I stood nearly half a year.About the child that I wanted, and could not think - in this vanity, not what to give birth - had the most to survive somehow.Eighteen months later we were divorced, and her husband out feelers about a change for an apartment.But, fortunately, in the whole hectic with regular guests, we do not bother to write it - he remained spelled in a hostel in the workplace.So even though I kept the apartment.With

year I enjoyed and could not believe the peace and order at home.Then he used, distributed debts, began to appear in people, make some love.After some time I met my current husband.You will not believe it, almost immediately after they met, I asked - great if he had a family.And when he said that only a mother, I was happy.

-law I have wonderful, and I love her very much.An important factor in this is the fact that she had never moved - lives too far and does not tolerate any way.I used it to send parcels with presents, we hung it sometimes together, but more often I send her husband to help her mother and visit her.In-law is a value, not climbing in our affairs and tries to treat us with some pickles and jams from the garden.

All we are happy and satisfied.I do not know how there was life of my first husband, but I would like to look at the ascetic, which would withstand raids his relatives and brutalized while.

Remember, in the film "Beware of the Car" Mironov's character says: "Marry should be an orphan!"?I have nothing against native people, but when they start to become impudent and use you, turning your life into a nightmare, and the house - in the inn, you want to shout: "In marriage you need to go for an orphanĀ»

So if youthere is only one-in-law, even the most scandalous and intolerable, believe me, it is scary!Worse, when the husband is large and close-knit family that is in full force decides to settle with you!