Mother in law and daughter- in-law and mother-in-law in the fight for love

Strangely, it seems, at first glance - well, what can be a struggle for love between a wife and her mother ?!But, nevertheless, this is the reason most often lies at the heart of the conflict between mother-and daughter.

If you think about it, and wife, and the mother let them in different ways, but the love of one man.Moreover, the mother believes that he has more rights - after she gave birth, raised, brought up her son, and now he brings home another woman and that she pays more attention, care, love and affection, it is she confides her secrets, discusses the case,It advised.

Often mothers jealousy overshadows common sense.And it turns out that, wishing heartily happy son, the mother does everything to sow discord in his family because of the tearing apart of her jealousy.In such cases, the mother-son begins to regularly point to the shortcomings and missteps of his wife, and he, instead, to talk with the mother and protect her husband, puts her mother's displeasure.Naturally, the young wife tries

to defend himself, and often express their views out loud against her mother in law.That is, the conflict is growing, and, instead, to think and to find a compromise, all parties fanning flames of hostility and discord.

In addition, two women - in-law, and daughter, consider themselves to be the mistress of the house, the guardians of the family hearth, the in-law said that her rights and there are undeniable - her experience and ability.And if the two women are forced to live under one roof, there is also into conflict, as soon as one of them will seem that it infringed the rights.And if you add to all the women's emotional and intemperance, we can imagine where zavedut such relationships.

But not only in-law is the cause of quarrels and conflicts - the daughter often itself provokes scandals.Discussing the parents of the husband, the young wife can afford a disrespectful tone, criticism, comments, irony, etc. Think of itself, does not happen if you in the heat of an argument to say -. "You like your mother ...", "you're all in the parents of the samearmless, unadapted ... "and so on?

very much in-law and the normalization of relations to find a compromise depends on the man - her husband and son.If it passes the statements of his wife and mother to both of them, the greater the error can not commit.This behavior suggests that the family he had created too early, not understanding their role in it, nor how relationships are built at all.

relationship with the mother-in-law, living in the same house, fold lighter than the daughter-in-law, for the simple reason that they do not apply for the same role, as they say, do not share the kitchen.And emotionally, men are much less vulnerable, and, in addition, they are less and less at home talking to his wife's parents.

Men do not seek to somehow intervene in the family way of his wife's parents, something to change it.They are quite satisfied with the situation in which no mother-in-law is forcing to do something that does not want, does not interfere in its affairs, and teaches how to live.

Yes mother and daughters rarely want to replace the one-in-law of another, or to ensure that the daughter was lonely.All the heat of his soul Tiffany usually invest in re-law.However, if he is financially secure, has a place in society, it will be appreciated for real progress.

But if the judge sensibly, the generation gap is not absolutely right and absolutely guilty.If the young couple really wants to live, so that parents do not interfere in their lives, it must be self-sufficient, not only in words but also in deeds.And, most often, the couple quietly shoulder the parents economic affairs, education of their children, taking material help, but at the same time indignant, if the parents can afford to give advice or to point out any errors.

easiest way to peaceful coexistence - respect for the views and rights of all.Show your parents love, try to do in all the work yourself, do not complain about each other, learn to negotiate and not impose conditions.Then the parents believe that their children are adults, and they can trust their own affairs.