About a good mother in law

What can we hide, is rarely seen in-law, who'd loved his wife's mother, and here I respect!I have a mother-in for all my married life is no conflict and there was no friction.So of all the exceptions to the rules are.

I, when acquainted with the future mother was, my knees were shaking - wanted to marry, but that's about tesch had already learned so much from married friends, he was afraid of scary.But everything went very well.No I did not feel, no hostility, calm conversation about me, my family and our plans.And the question is - what would they, the parents, could help us.Moreover, all the pointers and discussed without pressure, no we do not impose anything.When I was his wife, then-fiancée, she said this, she said that in their family so it is accepted.Her childhood taught that help her to always help, but it must be responsible for his own deeds and actions.

say, they say, if you want to know what will be your wife with age, look at the wife's mother.And if you want to know what he'll be, look

at the test.For several years now, ever since we were married, I look at my new family and I think that I expect a good future.Father-in with the mother got married, so all my life and have lived in harmony, and still between them the respect and love - the same can not be concealed.And about the relationship with us, the story special.

First, mother-in-law never reaches into our affairs.And it's not because we live separately - my mother lives away than the mother-in-law, but his instructions and his wife tortured, and pulls me.But nowhere to go - have to endure.But the mother-in-law with the father live their lives, and we do not interfere with life.However, they are always aware of our problems, because we tell ourselves, we can discuss with them all sorts of things - give sensible advice.

Secondly, the mother-in-law is always ready to help, but it knows how to offer and to do that you do not feel obligated to the coffin of life.And do not ever reproach his deeds.

Well, it is - in itself an interesting person she boss in a small office, and subordinates her full understanding.When the Jubilee was her staff staged a wonderful holiday, and it was evident that from the heart.

It looks good, he looks after himself and daughter, my wife, this has taught since childhood, fine drivers.They like to travel with the father on the Russian cities, the museums every one that preserves and even messing around in the country, the flowers grow.She always has some interests in life, maybe that's why it does not prevent us to live?

I have another word about the "mother-in-law" with soul gate, so she poisons the life of them.He says that if he divorces, it is only because of this, because it does not give to live in peace, climbs everywhere, all it is not so specified, reproaches, gossip and scandals.

But all this is so, the lyrics, the case has not yet happened, and then I knew exactly what my mother-in-law - gold!My wife's friend was to a colleague at work, but when he met his future wife, so all there is no relationship.But at work, then we see each other all the way through.And then we have in the cafe after work was a corporate party - only the employees, without their wives and husbands.

Well, of course, drank, and former girlfriend became literally hang around my neck: the dance pulls, something to drink ... No, I do not change the thought, but what the peasant is not nice when that's the kind of attention to it ?!It is necessary that at the very moment when I have this friend to hug and kiss the beginning, I saw the wife's mother in the hall - she was sitting with some company at the far table.

general, my mood immediately disappeared, and what to do, I do not know.And now look, it turns out well, I followed her, trying to explain something.But it is - a word of reproach, but advised to go home and tell his wife to all, sure.Otherwise, all this, and even in a distorted way precisely comes to my wife.I obeyed, quickly he left the party and told his wife at home, we had fun, and her husband enjoyed the attention of women, so that, well, let her know what her "treasure".We had a good laugh only.

But a few days later my wife told me how she was told that her husband was with a strange woman in the cafe and was kissing her there, feel free to anyone.She added that if I did not tell her everything, does not know how she would react.Mother-in I said thank you for the advice, but she just nodded and never thought of it.

And I once overheard a conversation with my wife Tiffany.We then had a falling out a little, and his wife, probably mother and complained.A mother-in-law said that the smart thing to his wife not to bring the conflict, and if you brought, and the wine of her more because she would not interfere.And another said that the family quarrels will always be, in every family, but that's okay.The most important thing - to be able to put up on time and not accumulate grievances.When the mother-in-law is gone, my wife and I immediately made up: and I apologized, and she, in general, in an intelligent all gone.

How much depends in any family from the parents, from what they have been taught and what is taught on.But it is a pity that many mother-in-law and little understanding of what they should be.It is said that over the years, people are wiser than done, but why then are so many problems in couples with teschami-law, where their wisdom go?