Mother in law ?No, Mom !

Or is fashionable now - the curse in-law, or so I was lucky in life, but I still want to say that we can not all be myrrh smear.And her mother in law is different, and daughter often not better.But it is assumed that, if the old men, because they have the most important task of this - a young life to spoil.

My mother in law is long gone in the world, but I always remember her very warm and kind words.If not for her, mother in law, however, no real mom, I do not know what would have been my life.

When I got married, it was a little afraid of his youthful, energetic, well-groomed and always busy in-law.She was a boss in his office, and, in general, an active man who was interested in many things - go to the theater, read a lot, went to all sorts of excursions, etc.

When we met, I sometimes caught on itself her a quizzical look, and.I thought that she somehow sympathetic towards me and lightly despised because I think only about the family of her husband and the child - her grandson, who appeared in ou

r first year of marriage.But we lived separately, and in-law has never interfered and even seemed to be little interest in our affairs and problems.

My family life had no luck.After giving birth, the husband began to drink first and then pogulivat.I tried to consult with her mother, but her sharp rebuke still sounds in my ears.She began to scream that I am guilty that I was lucky that at least a husband was found.And, if I divorce you dare to it did not count, they say, she has her own life, and she still wants her to arrange.

And, though, after a while my mom got married and moved to another city, even with her husband is not introduced.Until recently, it only occasionally would send greeting cards for the holidays and never even asked how we live.

When her husband, walk somewhere for three days, came and said that he has another woman, and he is with us Andrei goes, I do not know what to do.Old son was still a baby, and I was on maternity leave.How to live, what and where - it was not clear, because the apartment belonged to her husband, and he demanded that I released her.Tu apartment where I lived with my mother, she was in a strange way, without my knowledge, sold before he left, and I was discharged.

I was already in despair, as there was my mother in law.Nina Antonovna apologized to me for a son, and called to live with myself.And I went - I in fact still had nowhere to go.After that, everything was arranged as I never dreamed.Mother in law went to work and sat at home with her grandson, and I went back to work.Specialist I'm good, and I was easily able to return to their original location no.And I liked the work, and decent wages.

We began to live three.I am becoming more and more recognize Nina Antonovna all very attached.Well, with Andrei they each other doted.We got along very well, and, interestingly, about her son - my ex-husband, she never remembered.Only once, when I spoke myself, that probably is not good, I'm here, because he can not come, my mother-in-snapped.She said that once brought the scoundrel, the ability to cast a small child and is not even interested in him, that she no longer has a son.

After the death of her mother in law from her friend, I learned that it does not just go to her son, trying to somehow shame, explained that Andrei does not have to grow up without a father, but my ex-husband said that such "andryushek" he hasa lot done, and all power to help is not enough.It was after this, Nina Antonovna and refused to continue to communicate with him.To me she did not say anything then, apparently, did not want to upset.

And with my current husband introduced me to it.Even sitting at home, she did not die of his energy and enthusiasm - with neighbors greened courtyard, read a lot, suit cheerful gatherings with their friends, sometimes they attach little son and I pulled on some concert or an exhibition.Here at one of the exhibitions she introduced me to her old friend and her son, and then invited them to visit.

Dima liked me right away, but then it was clear that I could not afford to let anything, living with her mother in law.Because she took the initiative and started a conversation.She convinced me that a bad first marriage - it does not mean that life is over, and no happiness in it will not be.Like, I'm still young and I have the right to love and be loved.And Dima - a reliable and honest person, so it not only will not be condemned if we with it something happens, on the contrary, will be very happy.Another added that a good man, who I really love, the child will not be a burden.

So we started with Dima and love, and six months later we were married, and the most important person at our wedding was my mother in law.And then Nina Antonovna ill and burned for three months.As I found out she was sick for a long time, but it did not disturb me, but on the contrary, tried to somehow arrange our life with Andrei that was beside me near native people then, after her death.

During the years of the life of Nina Antonovna, I could not stop wondering what it wonderful man, never ceased to thank her for the care and dedication for the attention and love toward us with his son.By the way, my own mother never asked about my life, never.

funeral Nina Antonovna came a lot of people - with her former work, the neighbors, some people unknown to me, which she had once helped.She was loved and respected.And I was so hard, because I'm not buried in-law - mother ... And feeling Dima's shoulder near, I cried even more, thanks to Nina Antonovna and for this gift.

Years passed.Andrei has grown and studying at the institute.And we have Nina grows - daughter we named in memory of Nina Antonovna.And recently, I received a long letter.My mother was left alone, to live it no matter what, deteriorated health.And now she's going to come and settle in our family.It seems in fact not a stranger, but the tone of the letter a, like I told her in the coffin of life is obliged, if it is, and not a stranger to me man, actually took me outside and spent a large part of my life for the sake of our son.

peremptory tone of the letter, the exorbitant demands, and again, the complete absence of any interest to me, my family, to their own grandchildren (she even distorted the name of his daughter, calling her Ina), I was just scared.It seems that the peace and tranquility of our family comes to an end.And what to do - I do not know, because it is - a mother.So my husband and I decide a difficult task - what to do ...