What do I love her ?

I - mother in law.According to articles in women's magazines and comments to them, I - a bad mother in law, because I do not like my daughter.But the question is, why is it I have to like it?I chose it was not me, but my son.If he is happy, then I'm wrong, if they do not develop life, then I'm right.Solve something to him, because to live - it.But, at the same time, why can not I have an opinion?

Also, my daughter did not do anything to please me.On the contrary, it seemed, she crossed the threshold of our homes in the belief that I was - her enemy, to be fought from the first minute.So she fights, as his mind and features.How else to interpret its absolute rejection of everything that I say or ask ?!But we have to live in one apartment - my husband died, the two of us with her son in the "three rubles," lived up to his marriage - three of them are now living.

matter comes to the ridiculous: immediately after the wedding, son, embarrassed, said that they would eat separately.Well - a young family, dau

ghter in law wants to feel like a mistress - why not?Although it is unwise, because I'm not working, I have a lot of time, and I was quite easy to cook, as I prepared earlier.That's what I said to her son, but did not argue.

What was the result?The kitchen had a second refrigerator, although in the first place is more than enough.Both of them work, come home late, afternoon snack somewhere in the cafe, and in the evening time to cook a complete meal, is not enough - interrupted pizza, dumplings or suhomyatku.And the son of a sick stomach.Again offered to cook dinner for everyone - daughter flatly refused.I became even son slowly fed normal food, because razboleetsya same!This scandal was when she discovered - will not tell.Son is my food stopped, but I see that does not feel very.

cleaning in the house, too, is a fun character: daughter wash the floors in the room only son - now their bedroom, even a wet rag demonstratively lays at the door.She asked me not to do it - parquet vspuchilis, zero attention.Now, in front of their room from the wet cloth crumpled dark spot.And the rest of the apartment, kitchen and bathroom, my I, I brush and bowl, plate, sanitary ware.I is not difficult, but I did it before, but that's funny to look at is managing.

In the evenings, when they are at home, the daughter tries not to notice me.And does it somehow especially offensively.If I'm sitting in the living room and watch TV, it can go, to switch to another channel, and then throw the remote and go.In general, I bought myself a second TV and put in his room.

One daughter a bad cold and did not go to work.I cooked a meal, called the doctor, went to the pharmacy for medicine, injections done, sat with her, fed.They talked well, I told her about his childhood told her son, she seemed to be listening with interest.And in the evening I heard her son complained that his mother all day did not give rest, pestered to talk, she could not even sleep.Since then I have tried not to talk to her - was responsible, if it asks, and she did not speak.So we lived.

summer I was invited to his girlfriend live, and I stayed there for 2 months, jingling his son, to make sure that everything is in order.He came several times alone, brought us food.And when it was cold, I decided to return.Daughter in law went to visit his parents and at home I met a son with guilty eyes.

When I went to his room, he began to say that they immediately decided that I was in a small room to be more comfortable, and clean less.And two of them, because they rearranged my stuff to my room, and themselves moved into mine.I stood on the threshold of his bedroom, in which I and my late husband lived, where all of it was like ... I really wanted to cry, but I did not say anything again.

True, then began to search for the exchange of apartment - if I'm in the way in the house, let him live at home, hosted themselves, and I somehow itself.But the daughter, learning about it, resisted, because even our magnificent apartment in the center could change only for apartments in residential areas.I heard with my own ears, she told her son that you can not do it, that the mother will soon die, and lose this apartment is just silly!

I am 57 years old.Yes, my heart is sore, so I retired.But I feel bad, and how to live in a house with a man who waits that I would soon die?I have long thought of, what is it I do not pleased, and I can not understand.Without the consent of the son of an apartment I can not change, and he, to listen to his wife, now the object, convinces me that all is well that we do not quarrel, live in peace - what else is needed.And in that case it will be for me, who keep an eye on.And I'm more afraid of death that are now "case that" not to fall into complete dependence on her daughter.

Familiar offer to share personal accounts, sell or exchange its share apartment, but how could his son is to arrange ?!And what to do, I'll never know ...

Maybe I'm a bad mother in law, but for that I love your daughter?