On the main road ...

last bell has rung for the joy of the graduates - graduated from high school, adult life has come!Parents wipe their tears and climb into the pocket of validol, clearly realizing that now, then all the problems and begin.And okay so school finals - here ten years I taught as something expected to reach the end.But then what ??

Choice future path often seems so difficult and is often carried out by strange criteria quite different from common sense.It's okay if your child has long decided that he, for example, like mathematics and computer science and computers - the only thing he wanted to do in life.And if he still did not decided yet?Moreover, he does not care to study further or do not learn, and work is also no desire, and no place (who is now needed school graduates without specialty ?!)

And parents begin, tongue hanging out of zeal, run by universitiesread manuals for applicants and all the forces trying to define themselves and define their child to it for the next five years was attached to t

he place and did not cause too much trouble.And there, God forbid, my child gets older, the mind will be added, and, finally, begin to live this very adult life.

Boys selected schools with the "slope" of the army.For girls - well, there's a need to: where the competition is less, where more boys (maybe getting married).Photocopies of documents spread to several universities, often differing from each other as heaven and earth.Who knows where you are lucky, which will pass the exams, where there are protection ?!

Well, if there is money in the family, then you can choose something decent and ... to pay for another five years, denying themselves all pleasures.And if not??For many years, scolded "extremely average" school education, and vigorously criticized in different words.But pay tribute to - "Institute of tutoring" - this is the reality of our time.And there are some tutors not so many years.No, I used to be a teacher, that extra classes "pulled up" particularly lagging one or explained several times the same thing to those who do not have time for all.But then it was even a little ashamed - a child almost Losers.And now, without further training, even the honors pupil does not cope with the entrance exams, even the medal is not a guarantee that the entrance exam how - or will be completed successfully.And how many "are" decent coaches, you know as well as me.

division between rich and poor among children begins early, at school, if not in kindergarten.On clothes, as pocket money on mobile phones, according to a pile of toys and those little things that are so important for children.And then?Then it - like an avalanche.Growing children, needs grow.The only possibility is often not kept pace with the growth of children's wishes.And learning how to bring them in line - no one knows.Children also suffer from the comparison even more than adults.A unmet needs - is the foundation for future systems.So our parents' problems are just beginning!

has rung the last call, exams ahead, and then - "Goodbye, school!".And will our child on the highway of life.And on it, as on all other roads in the country, a lot of bumps yes stones.And the signs are often confused, and someone else would not get in a rut.So choose your route well, the only one without an error.Good luck on the way!