To conquer the capital?

Very little time is left until the last school bell.And there are the exams and, as usual, a great way of life.Certainly parents have long not sleep at night, worrying about his Chad.And then there's the child emphatically stated that he was going to do to study in Moscow, to conquer the capital.From this statement it becomes very restless at heart - how you can send a single child in the dark, all alone!And leave with them, and so that's protected from all evils?But this is not a solution!But to make a decision you need to stand in the way of their own child can not.What to do?Where to start?

First of all, try to understand what prompted him to make a decision to enter the Moscow University: boyish, an example of girlfriends and friends and yet it is a conscious decision of an adult?

adult person is different from the child so that he proves his words with actions.If your child has just said that it's time to build their own destiny, he says all of the importance of their opinion, but does not confir

m the above actions - worthless these high-sounding phrases.

Another thing, if, while still a student, your child surprised everyone with independence, a serious attitude to learning, participation in various competitions, skill set and goals and achieve them.If you see and understand that this decision is a serious and conscious, then you should accept it and help.

How to help?To begin, you must first: with the child seriously to the choice of the university, it is necessary to go even with a day of open doors, to ensure the quality of education and prospects after graduation.

One of the most important issues - housing.If you are unable to remove your child's room or apartment, he lived in a hostel.Again, if there is even a hostel in a selected institution, and there will be empty seats.And all this is necessary to find out immediately, not leaving for later, after the entrance exams.

And, of course, be prepared for the fact that you have at the beginning (and even before graduation) include your child in Moscow.It is unlikely that he will immediately start to look for jobs, if any, will begin.And life is expensive in Moscow, many temptations, so count your budget on the basis of, not your local Moscow prices.

Already arrival in Moscow for the period of entrance examinations can arrange some accents, even in how true it was decided to do.Trying to live in the dormitory during the admission, your child may be such a life "does not seem to."Do not scold him for needlessly wasted energy, time and money, do not raise it complexes, and with it, try to review the situation and make another decision.

But your child is enrolled - the joy in the family is so great, how great, and the excitement and the experience of how it will be there, alone, without family and friends ?!

keep in touch.Write letters, call your child does not feel abandoned.If you have a mobile phone, write a short message.This is important especially at first.But again, be careful not to overdo it, so that your child does not feel under close supervision.

If you have the opportunity, try to come to the beginning of the school year with your child to help organize his life, to supply all the details please for the first time.Load and it will be large enough that a brand new training system, complex objects, you will still take care of myself.And all this in a strange big city, without any support.Because it is so necessary to your help, especially at first.

And then what?Time will tell!In the capital's universities come every year thousands of young people come from all over, not only in our country but throughout the world.And it live, and then the "golden student freemen" remembered with nostalgic feeling, considering the years of studying the best time in my life.