Choice of profession

last bell will ring in a few days, but, for sure, has a long and high school graduates and their parents do not find rest in anticipation of what the summer to come.This is understandable, because of the decisions you make now, the future of children.And so it is important that this decision was very thought out and weighed to the years of study brought joy and acquired specialty and became the key to future career and well-being, and, of course, the source of life satisfaction.

And the first important step on the path to a good job in the future and a happy prosperous life - a career choice.Unfortunately, the majority of high school graduates are not up to the prom, and even after, where to study.But what happens the choice?Something advise parents that some friends, something interesting will appear in the handbook for applicants.

Well, if the lottery with destiny will be happy, and if you're not lucky?How can choose a specialty?Of course, if you are a first-class Tinkering in the kitchen, in the co

untry, and, subsequently, not getting out of himkabineta in school and participate in all competitions, so the question you have and will not have.Or do you have a family all hereditary doctors, and your childhood prepared to continue the family dynasty.

When you do not know what profession to choose, as a rule, give in to public opinion.So, a few years ago the vast majority of high school graduates rushed to study the legal and economic case, because these professions were fashionable and in demand.As a result, the job market is crowded and lawyers, and economists, with the knowledge of most experts is poor.

If you do not want in five years to face the lack of demand and, as a consequence, unemployment, you should closely examine in what way the demand for specialists is formed of a profile.

Top-demand professions is changed every five years.This means that by enrolling today in the most prestigious faculty that teach fashion experts, in five years, you can be a certified unemployed.And the demand for many occupations generally varies on a quarterly basis!For example, the end of the year, the accountant urgently needed in large quantities.In summer

particularly in demand specialists on tourism and hospitality industries.When it comes to an end during the holiday season, you need office managers, assistant manager.

Furthermore, the prestige of certain professions dependent on geographic location, for example, the south always need specialists in the processing of food and tobacco products, and in Siberia needs more engineers who are familiar with modern technologies.

Rating the most popular and prestigious professions in Russia in the past six months, according to statistics looks like this:

1. Programmer

2. The secretary-reviewer with knowledge of foreign (best of three) languages ​​

3. engineer

4. Accountant

5. Designer

6. sales

7. advertising Manager

8. office Manager

9. Lawyer

10. Logistic

it seems that the same specialty will be in demand andover the next five to six years.

But we must understand one more thing - the most popular profession is not the most profitable.The simplest example: always and everywhere require cleaners, salesmen, couriers, but about their paycheck is better not to ask.

If the question of receipt is not decided by parents, but by a graduate, it is a good chance that the choice will be made true.And if parents authoritatively try take the child's hand in their favorite college ...

By the way, it is difficult to determine, and if you do not care, as well as in a situation where interests strongly all around and there is no way on somethingstay.In such cases, you need to listen to yourself.Future profession should be interesting.Most of the lives we spend at work, because engaged unloved thing - it is to spoil your life and health.We must choose what you love, and then study, and everything else will be a joy.

Naturally, there should be compliance with the personal qualities and abilities of the selected profile.That is, the future architect or designer should be able to draw, and to have a lawyer or a mathematician, logical thinking.

more important that the type of work coincided with the psycho.For example, phlegmatic - quiet and closed, it is better to take on the chore, but cheerful and sociable sanguine necessary work associated with a plurality of contacts.

Here, in view of all these subtleties can begin to compile a list of suitable occupations, then to ask about them from friends and acquaintances, to read books, analyzing and "trying on" each of the professions themselves.Only evaluating the Each entry in the list of professions with a clear conscience can proceed to the selection of high school.

best one!