I thought she was just ... ( letter to the editor )

In the women's magazine mail and letters are from men.Most often, they scold us women that we are chasing the ideals and did not appreciate those who are near.But this letter is different, so we offer it to your attention.

«With his wife Lyudmila I have lived for 16 years.Any would - and the bad and good.Bad - from me, I allowed myself to drink and did not consider it a sin to walk on occasion.But always I come back home.And I knew for wife forgive.Because he loves.

We had two children: a daughter - twelve years old son - eight.In his obustraivalis apartment, rejoiced at how much trouble it was, until settled, settled down!Then there was a lot of friends, neighbors.He met once at a birthday party of a friend of Natasha.She lived in the same yard with us, was lonely.Please just visit each other go, then they became friends with Lyudmila, they began to meet frequently.

summer a large company, with the tents went on nature.Luda also went with us, but not often.Her week was a lot of work, and because all

the household chores piled up on the weekend.I, unfortunately, very rarely helped her with the housework.Luda sometimes asked me not to go, to stay with her, but I still went.Wife Natasha said, they say, you'd better keep an eye on him, as if something had happened.Natasha calmed - do not worry, everything will be fine.

Over time I began to notice that Nathan was too much pays attention to me.I must admit: I did not care about her courtship, we became close.And then I came to Luda and said he no longer loves her and leave.

Luda First time in front of dried up, it was felt that it is very difficult.I regularly paid child support, and considered myself quite a decent person, because all honestly said, did not deceive his wife with his mistress.I did not notice (or maybe did not want to notice?), What eyes looked at me, my children, because we lived in a one yard.Luda is not left in the lurch and her parents, and my even - than they helped.

Eventually Luda apparently adapted to a new life began to look good, it is fashionable to dress.I was touched.I applied for a division of property.Without trial, without saying a word, she gave me everything I wanted ...

With Nata we lived for four years.We had a child.Everything in the house is.It would seem, live so rejoice.But recently more and more often I think of those I so greatly offended.Previously, I knew that whatever happened, Luda Quite simply, because it is very fond of me.For some reason I think that even now loves.But when I came to her and asked, begged to live as a family again, she said no.And I know why.This is not only an insult - in Nata small child, and Luda does not want him to grow up without a father,

In 40 years, I finally realized that this woman - always good.She will never be split family where there are children, no matter how "great" nor was her love ...

I was now often go on business trips.I suggest itself.All the running, running somewhere.And where to?I do not know.From myself still can not escape. "