You can not trust men !

Why people do not fair?Married men fall in love girls give all sorts of promises, declarations of love, seek closeness, and then report that the married.What they do not have enough wives or children of their own, they do not like?Or perhaps they do not understand that cause severe pain?

I Nikita met on the street, catching the car, late for a lecture.Of course, I liked him: young, handsome, money is not spared, courted wonderful.I do it with my mother and sister to meet you, so he and they liked it.We met with him for six months, he was at our house often visited.

He was my first man, because I loved him and believed that he loves.And I think that getting married!I've even come up with a style wedding dress, because she was sure - this is my destiny.And now, after 6 months of dating, when I just asked when we get married, he began to say that still can not get married, he has a wife and a little daughter!

I thought I would die immediately.My sister and father left when we were little.My mother raise

d us alone and worked a lot.So, I know what to grow up without a father, and my mother married longer could not go out alone spent her life with us.I told Nikita that we will no longer meet, ever.

not want to live after that.Houses began to ask why he did not come.When I told them the truth, all were in shock.Well, how could he ?!And so decent, honest it seemed.I then more than a year with no one even could not get to know, not what to meet.Nikita also called, even came and said that divorce!And I will present his little daughter, my sister and myself at once as a child I see!

then met in a cafe with Dennis, started dating, all was well.And when I offered to come to us to the cottage for the weekend to meet with his mother and sister, he said he could not know that ... wife scandal suit!I ask why he did not immediately say that married, and he says that it is not considered important, like, what's the difference, have a wife or not, if we are good together ?!

I now generally afraid already acquainted with the guys.It does not require a passport immediately to Stamp marriage check.And they have no conscience of themselves, do not understand why they then get married, if I can so easily "left" to go.And what other girls are circling the head, if a serious relationship do not plan to.Surely there must be such fools like me, who fall in love and marriage going.

I have a friend pick up artist, so he is an honest, their intentions to spend time just does not hide!It is clear that from the very beginning of love, it does not matter, but when the relationship has come a long way, unless you can lie and build something on deception?I do not know how to believe in a man's honesty, all I think that's going to marry, and he will, Nikita or Denis and others like them, change secretly and tell me that his wife stupid and bad, and he with her votNow divorced.

sister arguing, said her husband, for example, is not so!And I'm the one to blame, because trusting fool.Maybe trusting, just what kind of love you get when you do not believe?