Fulfillment of desires!( Letter to the editor )

heard somewhere that when God wants to punish the person, it gives him the fulfillment of desires.It's just about me!For two years, most of my great desire was to beloved man finally decided - left the family and married me.Six months ago, he did it.

I was happy!Then life began, which was very different from what I imagined all these years.My husband regularly calls the former wife goes there often, walking with a child leads him on all sorts of places, making lessons, and home only to sleep comes.For me he has almost no time, because the entire week of work and some business, and on weekends he almost always goes to the same family and the child.

When we were married, I had seen, and then more and getting attention.When I began to reproach him, he only said that the child will never give up and to the former wife is guilty, so will help.And when I made a scandal, he said that I myself wanted him to marry me, and made his own, so now I have no one to take offense.

I think he just fell out of love, an

d I do regret having married me.I thought that we would live happily ever after, take care of each other, give birth to a child.But when I spoke about the child, he said that there is no need to hurry, because he already has a child, which he needs to put on their feet and grow.

But I also want us to have a complete family!I even thought of getting pregnant, and he did not speak, but he is very concerned about this.And then I'm afraid all of a sudden he will return to his former wife, then I'll stay with the child alone, but then how to live and to live on.

Mom says that warned me that I was not contacted with a married man, because he will always pull in the old family.But I think he loves me.

Recently, I decided to just talk with the wife, tell her that she did not climb into our family and let live.She refused to talk to me at all and the door slammed in front of his nose, and her husband later, he learned scandal.

I just do not know what to do, because to live is simply intolerable.I'm going crazy with jealousy when he goes there.And this, his ex, brazenly calls at any time and then asks for help with one, then another.And the husband rushes to the first call.And he says that much guilty before the same family, and must be held accountable and help them.

And who will be responsible for me ?!Really like this all the time and will be, and I'm even a child would not be able to start?I may yet young, but it quickly passes, and then it will be too late.And anyway, it's not the life I dreamed of.Honestly, when we were not married, it was much better.But divorce is now, in fact.But what to do, so that her husband spent more time with me?