Every spring before school graduates gets the choice of the future problem.It is the future, because of the correctness of the chosen way now, depends, in many respects, as there will be life after.Occupation determine the future social status and relevance in life, and even the level of material well-being.Moreover, sometimes the question is not where to go to school, and higher education in general worth getting.

What advise graduate and his parents?Of course, to think seriously about who be worth it in the ninth grade, well, in the tenth.Moreover, a "want" there is clearly not enough.It is necessary to soberly weigh the qualities that are endowed with the nature of the child and the parents.After all, if he has expressed the ability to exact sciences, diligence and accuracy, we can hardly go to the artists.

Tips Parents and friends may turn out to be useful and harmful at the same time, because they can certainly help choose the "direction of movement", but what will happen if we make the wrong cho

ice?Still need to decide on their own to the child, because it is unlikely that someone from the outside, even parents, can understand what it is like the most and what is the soul.

Maybe parents long ago decided what should be their child, but still worth thinking about whether they have the right to make the decision for him.It is possible that the parents chosen profession in demand and promises wealth in the future, but is unlikely to be happy with your son or daughter if his vocation quite different.

often the main argument is categorical - "we know better".Maybe so.But in the end, he has the right to make a mistake.And if you do not give him this opportunity, it will be all my life to suffer because of what did not step to fulfill his cherished dream.And where the truth is, who knows?

If the parents want to have a baby a real help, especially if he has not yet decided on the choice of "life road" to help him answer the questions:

- to which he has a tendency that is able to do, what activities deliver himpleasure?

- that he knows about the profession, chosen, or what I want to do in general?

So, suppose a potential student decided on a specialty.Then begins the most difficult - choice of university.Choosing a school, talk with your child:

- what is more important - "fundamental" the quality of education or applied knowledge?

- whether in the family money on training?

Be sure to assess the real possibilities of income: that is, to ask what was the competition in previous years?When it comes to child admission to university is not this summer, be sure to ask about the schedule of university preparatory courses.

determined the theoretically possible training places should go to each of them and look at the site.Sometimes a person just feels there is something particularly attractive to him in the very aura of the university, while the other is the atmosphere of inexplicable anxiety and discomfort.This is the case when it is not necessary to neglect intuition.

matter is simplified if the applicant chose the profession, which can be obtained in only a few institutions - then narrows the search terms.These occupations include, for example, archaeologists, surgeons, actors and diplomats.However, competition in such universities is usually the biggest.If the chosen specialty can be prepared in many schools, it is necessary to evaluate other things, such as how much in demand this university graduates in the labor market.

Of course, the question arises - public or private high school to choose?The unequivocal answer here is not.On the one hand, public education is still considered "reliable" private, because in almost every state institution is much longer history, and therefore, there is experience, and tradition.A private universities began to appear only after the "perestroika" and their age, usually no more than 10-12 years.Therefore, there are still some distrust of the private universities, though, for example, one of the best design education in Russia is getting in a private university.

So do not be afraid of private universities, but obligatory, before serving in his papers, ask the following points:

- if the curriculum of the university

accredited - given whether it state diploma

- How much will tuitionin him.

Unfortunately, almost all private institutions have to pay for their studies, and a lot.If you pay for your family can not afford tuition, the road is one - to the state university.Of course, to enter the "free" branch is not easy, but still worth to try - at least, your fate will not depend on whether you can once again make a large amount of training.

Many students and their parents is puzzling why universities have different names: university, academy, institute.This is an explanation.University officially on the status of the above academy, and she, in turn, higher institution.Although actually now get the status of a university has become easier and, in fact, now the differences between him and the Academy virtually none."Classic" University in Moscow alone - is the Moscow State University.Of the younger universities today are the most popular MSTU.Bauman, Russian State Humanitarian University, State University of Management, Moscow State Institute, HSE and ore.From the most popular Academies considered ANE, Plekhanov.Plekhanov, Financial and Legal Academy, Medical them.Sechenov, TAA.In addition, the rating of the prestigious universities in Moscow includes Mesi, MAI, MIIT, and others.

But it is hardly necessary to choose an educational institution on the status or title.In the end, the main thing - it is the knowledge that there can give.

Good luck to you, graduates!