How to get along with her ​​mother and grandmother ?( Letter to the editor )

I had a great relationship with her in-laws, even though we live on the first day with her in the same apartment.So good that I did not understand how other adults can not agree, because we had loved the same man and both want to be well.No, there have been some friction, but it is insignificant, do not "weather."But now I have exhausted all of her conflicts so that dream to disperse and try by all means to bring her husband to his side.

The reason for such a change in the relationship with her mother in law was the birth of a child.My husband and I have long wanted a baby, but it did not work, I even treated.And when after 4 years after the wedding, I finally got pregnant, everyone was happy, and I, first of all.Mother-in-a fly, a speck of dust blown away with me the entire pregnancy, shout at him if he somehow makes me sad.Well, everything is fine!

And when Antoshka was born, it all started!Mother in law has become some sort of cantankerous, nervous, fussy.All of it is not so, it's not for her!Over

the child shakes, drives us from him, he says to ditch him.But my husband and I are adults and would like to do for yourself son.

I just do not know where to go from its tediousness and grunts!Earlier it seemed that I was in this house forever, so there was nice and cozy, and now I dream at least for a private apartment to move out!A mother in law as to hear about it - in tears.He says that people will not be able to look into his eyes.And that time she did not regret, so at least the child would be spared - then she will look for ANTOSHKA always, leave, who then ?!

husband is silent, her mother tries not to quarrel, everything calms me, proves that it is wrong and does not want us all very fond of.And I would have liked even less, so took his grumbling and care.I can not do anything, not to listen to her advice and carping.And so the child does not dress, do not feed, do not take your hands!

I do not know what to do in such a situation.Talking with her tried, so she takes offense, he says that because our lives will not go, but with the help ANTOSHKA wants.Like, she raised two children, the experience has, I inexperienced, can damage something.More cries and says that all the love, and without her grandson is not life.

When I see her tears, cursing myself, because I feel sorry for her.She has always been understanding, delicate, unobtrusive, and now another person has become.And you can not live because of his son, I want to educate myself!And so I do not blame and do not teach that, and how do I do with it.

Is there a way out of this situation?Can other grandmother help advice, if only to understand, other in-law behaves!