Ahead of exams

already behind the final exams and became a byword exam, Otshumeli fun prom, but many students zhdutt entrance exams, and preparing for them - a serious matter.

How is a cost-effective health and strength, you can prepare for the exams?If you really want to calculate the optimal own resources or help to do this to your children, listen to the advice of doctors and teachers.

Many like to do at night, explaining it by the fact that around the silence, and nothing distracts.But you should know that the worst time to prepare - 2am.Even if you feel that night to teach better make a break at this time, as all the learned at this time will be forgotten by the evening, and only for the exam for sure.

Since training carefully check against a list of questions with their abstracts.So, what is lacking in the records, get a tutorial and mark where it is located.It will be possible at least once to open the book and read.

necessary to clearly know the features of the memory.Someone is able to memorize mechanical

ly, without delving into the essence of someone in the first place it is necessary to understand what he is trying to learn.Of course, to understand the process of preparation for the exam once already, but as a rule, during this short moment comes "epiphany."

Learn all that you do not have time for school years, it is practically impossible, so remember: you can not leave unlearned 1-2 issue, since they are caught, and (all known law), it is almost 100% guarantee thatthey will not get you.If absolutely no time to learn, or at least read the material to have an idea of ​​what will be written on the ticket, if you still "lucky" to pull out these issues.And there, perhaps, on general knowledge and ingenuity, you can give a more or less acceptable answer.

not abuse tonics - strong tea, coffee, because the nervous system can not stand, and fail at the crucial moment.

During the preparation and the exams, try to eat normally.The brain in the process of intensive work needs additional power, especially glucose needed him, so eat more sweet.

the eve of the exam need to get some sleep.Sleepless night before the exam - it's almost a guaranteed failure.And yet, do not listen to anyone's advice and do not take a sedative in the exam, the medicine you are not calm, but only "disable" those memory areas that could help you.