Elder sister

reason it is considered that the younger children love their parents more, especially if the difference between them is large.I do not know, maybe somebody so, but all my life I felt like an extra in the family, where the father, mother and my older sister loved each other.I was somewhere in the side, like an unwelcome guest.

Actually, I was an unwanted child.My parents did not plan, they have a second child may receive.Then mom something miscalculated, and when he realized that she was pregnant by me, it was too late to do an abortion.

houses began scandals mother accused the pope, crying, to the point that threatened to leave the child, that is, I was in the hospital.Of course, I can not remember, but my grandmother - my father's mother - tried to tell me all the details and more than once.She did not like my mother, and I was sorry.

My memories begin with the fact that the check mark is good, and I was bothering her, do not give to play, teach lessons, sleep and so on.I was blamed for everything,

and it was praised.Checkmark grew beautiful, and I - a clumsy cow - so my mother said.A check mark, even when the little angel was not crying, and I kept yelling and prevented all live.

Tick led to different sections and circles, and I went to school and back.Its success noisy rejoicing, and my diary signed without looking.I was punished for all, and for what they are doing a check too.She is naughty, I ate all the candy, broken mirror, and I fell.When I wanted to explain that in no way to blame, they did not believe me and abused more, considering that I'm trying to tarnish his sister.But she just smiled and I was building faces due to the mother's back.

She bought beautiful dresses, toys, and I continue wearing all of it, even shoes, which I was initially high and then low - leg I have grown faster.I can not remember new things that would buy it for me.

checkmark I am not offended - she just did not notice me.She had some own interesting life, a girlfriend, and I usually ordered to sit in a room and not come out, when her sister away.At first I did not understand what was happening.Checkmark I liked, I reached for her, but she just turns me off.Then I grew up, and I was hurt and jealous.

I remember I once made a real tantrum, screaming, do not ask me to give birth, I do not want to live with them, since nobody loves me.Dad tried to calm me down, and my mother closed her in the other room, and then took me all summer to his grandmother in the village.And the three of them went to rest at sea.Then sister boasted as there was great and interesting.

When I got older, I had a dream that I grew up, left home and made some great strides.And then, to all three of us came to me and asked to forgive them, and said that they are proud of me.I really wanted to prove to my parents that I was too smart, talented and a good daughter.I studied well and graduated from school with a medal.I wanted to go to college, but my mother said that I should go to work to help them.

By the time a check is older than me for 7 years, has managed to graduate from the institute, go twice married, have children, divorce once again and return to live with their parents.Work is not going, pleading a small child.True, with whom she also did not want to do, but all the time somewhere walking or sleeping - in general, is engaged.I fell on a lot of household chores, because the mother has no time to all.And plemyashki I often sit.Learn

I still came, although the evening department, working day, at night trying to deal with, wash, cook.Now I remember as a nightmare of some sort.It is not clear, when I slept, and how it all broke down.

But I repeated again that tick so unlucky in life, and we all have to help her find a good husband, and in general - to get through life.Just now I listened in silence, because I saw that my sister - a true egoist, an idle and the consumer, she just enjoys parental love, to live happily.I already knew it, and the price is not mistaken about her beauty and talent.

And then I met Valera.It is hard to imagine that in a mad rhythm of my life that I find time to see him.But this love gave me the strength, I guess.He's older than I am wiser, very caring and helped me a lot in the work and in school.

When we decided to get married to him, I have brought it to us, to acquaint with their parents - is not it should be.However, it would be possible not to introduce, as parents like and did not notice that we have a guest.But I notice the checkmark and right eyes flashed.I had of it did not expect anything good, but what she did - could not even imagine.While I

dishes from the table after dinner, cleaned, she Valera to my room stole.When I went to him, I heard from behind the door the voice of his sister.I do not know why, suddenly stopped and listened.And as I myself found out the "good" that the gift of speech lost.What are the only words she had not watered, that just does not say.In her words, not mine sample put nowhere, and his antics parents I pounded into the coffin.I slut, and I love to drink, and almost not a drug addict.

Then there was silence, I opened the door and saw my sister trying to hang on the neck Valera.He pushed her away and said to me: "And let us now get out of here?Get your things! "So I went away from home to marry.

For a long time we did not have any sort of relationship, but recently my mom called to work.She said that a lot of sick and checkmark married a Finn, and went with him, leaving her daughter with parents.Since then, from her no news.But parents no longer afford to care for the child.And my mother demanded that I took my niece to him, as is my duty.And they are old, they can not force a child for nimble uglyadet.

plemyashki I am sorry, because the child is in no way to blame.But something in me that's against such unscrupulous use me even now.No one is interested in what we Valera plans for life, as the child will fit into them.And why checkmark again enjoys her life, forcing me to disentangle their sins ?!

Valera calms me, he says that feed themselves on the right, and can not leave the baby in the house, because it is not known who will grow out of it in such a family.It is, however, the child was lucky that such a mother, like my sister, far from it.

Of course, I am grateful to the parents, they gave me life, but because I have them about it did not.And I do not understand how much I still have for this blessing on their part to pay and how?The baby, of course, I'll take, but with one condition: we deprive sister of parental rights and adopted a girl.Let this be our daughter, I wish!