Will not acquire labors ...

We have always tried to bring up his son, honest, decent, responsible and hard-working man, but were powerless to influence our system, which I am not afraid of the word, for corrupting the youth.

On the one hand we are taught the son that you need a good finish school, choose an interesting profession and purchase specialty, make a career, securing welfare.And on the other - the media repeating: "Win!Get a million, "but no one says - earn.And they offer a variety of ways: from the collection of stickers on products and participation in sweepstakes to win a random lottery or in a casino.

What does the youth?Advertising luxury cars and yachts, luxury vacation at luxury resorts, insane cost mansions, clothes brands, for which you need to pay as much as if they had sewn from pure gold.And that offer parents: study, work, and there, in the future, maybe you'll have it all.

But children do not grow stupid, they look not only for advertising, but also to honestly lived and worked in the sweat of a lifetime

and grandparents, who are mired in the old age pension at penny.And because of all that they have earned, are, at best, an old car, "Khrushchev" and wooden house on six acres - giving.They see how the parents are working, trying to give them an education that becomes more expensive with each passing year.

But young - maximalists, impatient and prone to every influence.And their future seems so distant, almost unattainable, and all I want right away, immediately and in full.They do not want to wait do not know how many years, to achieve a high standard of living, they do not want to spend the best years on painstaking study, the fact to win a "place in the sun", because he was 17 years even thirties seem old man whoI do not need anything.

do not want to compare the past and present life, not to be like a suitor, claiming that early and "water was wet, and cotton is stronger, and a better life."Rich and poor were before.But, remembering my youth, I can say that if it was not made to stick out their well-being, was not accepted live show, showing off in front of their peers because they have parents, not themselves.

Now the offspring of wealthy people go to classes in the institutions at the luxury cars, spend evenings in nightclubs, show branded clothing almost as fashion shows.And all of this has become the norm, an ordinary life in which they live and our children, that is, the children of those parents who are not fit for a variety of reasons in contemporary reality, and continue to work engineers, teachers, ordinary employees.Moreover, since most of these!

Most people suffer from the comparison of uncontrolled jealousy.And if those who already have and established principles, and life experience, can control their feelings and know exactly what is behind everything in this life will have to pay or to pay, the young are much more complicated.

Many parents are probably faced with the fact that already in school children begin to compare what are their peers with opportunities of their own parents.And when such a comparison is not in their favor, they really suffer, feel defective, begin to suffer different complexes, of which seek way out by any means.

a protest in front of such vital injustice children are capable of many things - from disobedience, bad company, to alcohol and drugs.They may not be possible to explain that happiness is not in money, and in rags - they do not want to hear it, because suffer from ridicule, for example, about the jeans bought on the market, or a cheap phone, from the lack of a computer - but you never know what toysand other gadgets have ?!De6ti cease to believe what their parents are trying to teach, because these principles are at odds with reality.

This same children see that their parents work hard and, unfortunately, understand that even hard work will bring them the desired benefits, they do not bring their parents."No money!" - How often children hear a response to its request to buy something.Then they begin to strongly think about where to take the money, and, God knows, how can think of ...

My son is smart and thoughtful boy with whom, it seemed to me, did not have all these problems, I decided to throw institute, studied up tothird year.I was shocked because it was so easy to do, and, with my husband and we keep it in another city, so that he can learn and live.But the son persists in its decision, moreover, he said that he honestly warned us, though he could hide and pretend that continues to learn.

When we asked him to explain his decision, then perhaps nothing fundamentally new and unexpected did not hear for yourself.He said that learning in general does not make sense, as do the lectures give a little, everyone can learn from books, and exams are just like him, who the money is not, and the other known strong fee and quietly move from course to course.They knowledge to anything, because parents provide a warm place.And indeed, in our own time diploma means little if it is not from the prestigious and elite universities.

and learn a few more years, then to mark the unemployed on the stock exchange and humiliated on interviews, to get at least somewhere, he does not want to - because all life will be held in the queues.And his classmates already have something that my father and I never have not we would not have much work.

And girls love the rich and successful, and wait for him to achieve something in life, they do not want.Therefore, we must take the risk and try to earn more money, to finally live a normal life right now, not sometime in the future, which in general can not come.

Some of his friend wants to invest in interesting and promising work, and he suggested that our son participate in it, they say, you can make good money, but there is something else to think of.Money in our son does not ask - decided to sell the laptop and its equipment, which we presented to him to have the initial capital.

He did not ask permission, did not discuss their plans with us - he just put in popularity.And when we tried to explain what it all might end, he did not listen, saying that unless risknesh, so do not get it, and will continue to languish.

I do not know what you can find the words to explain to his son the whole danger of such an enterprise as to be able to convince him that you must first get an education, and then try to do something.I'm scared for her son, and even worse, that he, like many others, believes that happiness in money, and more of them, so you price yourself higher.

Husband calms, says that we have a smart boy, let him try.Even the failure will not bring much of the extensive damage, but make him think, as the experience necessary to acquire their own, and not to live by other people's rules.And I'm not afraid that it will lose money, after all, who knows what they're up to, no matter how long had then face the consequences.

I do not want to say that to blame only the system, society, the media and others.Probably we missed something and we, the parents.But as it is now to find the right words to convince his son is now that we have to live honestly, and money is not to win, not to receive as a result of risky and not always legitimate operations, and earn an honest living?How does he believe us when there sees something quite different?And is it only in our family have this problem?