Groom for my mother ( letter to the editor )

When we went away from his father, I was 7 years old - just go to school.I do not really understand when that happened, but I saw that my mother cries a lot, especially after the Pope parishes, sorry mom, comforted her.And dad I loved, but could not understand why he no longer lives with us.And when, after some time, I saw my dad with another child, then so much offended that refused to communicate with him.

But Dad helped us all the time, gave money, tried to talk to me, to meet.Something I began to understand, when he grew up and began to look at life differently.At the same time I appreciated the fact that his father, in spite of the new family and children, continued to help us with my mother, and, thanks to him, I was able to study at university.Of course, I appreciated the fact that my mother never scolded him and never spoke to me about his father's bad, but on the contrary, always make sure that dad loves me.

As an adult, I understood and correctly assessed one his action, for which I am asham

ed today.But then I was young and stupid, it somehow justify my behavior.When the father left for a long time my mother was going through, but then calmed down, became cheerful, and one night a man came and began to introduce us.

Honestly, I do not even remember what it was, and how he looked.But to get acquainted with him, I flatly refused and staged the whole hysterical, screaming that he was leaving, no one needs us, I have a dad who is about to return.The man went away, and my mother for a long time sitting in her room, and then came out, hugged me and said quietly, that the more he will not come.And I had really never seen before.

Now I understand, that did not give my mother to arrange my life, because I can not remember after this event to see next to the mother of at least some men.But I have it pretty, slim and very young looking.But we were together all the time, even went on holiday together.And, although I saw that my mother pay attention to a man proud of the very fact that she was only mine.

Silly, of course, everything turned out.And now I have the man I love, and we're going to get married with him.Now I'm thinking all the time, that now I will have my own family, beloved husband, and my mother will be all alone.I understand that as much as I loved her no, it is still my family will take me all the time and I can not even visit my mother often.

I thought, how can I fix my childhood mistake.I tried to talk with her mother, and she jokes, says an old married already to go, now that the grandchildren will be glad in my grandmother cooked.And what is it old?It is still and beautiful and smart!I do not know where adult women are introduced to find yourself someone.We have something simpler and discos, and cafes, so you never know ?!I am with my favorite all met in the subway!On the Internet it looked like, but something about me all these dating services do not like, and do not put you, I force my mother's computer to communicate it.And wait until some event appears, the time it is a pity.

I really want my mother to marry that she met a good man and she was happy, but, in fact, can not imagine what I can actually do this!If someone was in my position, please tell us!I really try to, and I have all turned out!