Strange adult ...

I read your magazine in order to understand their parents and adults in general.I shall soon be eighteen, that is, I am also an adult, but the older I get, the more questions I get.I read newspapers, books, magazines about the education of children in families.Everything is so clear and well written, and when you see that in life, do you think that adults do not read anything ever because behave and act, they do not like themselves write and speak.

This year I graduated from high school and went to college.Our whole family (I still have a younger brother) was glad my receipt.And I, of course, too, because it felt like an adult student.

But the beginning of the school year, and nothing has changed in my life, everything at school.That is not quite true.The institute is normal, there belong to us as adults, which for themselves are responsible, and not at home.Mom still requires a report for each step, swear, if I stayed with friends, calculate how much time do I need for the road from the institute and

does not believe a single word.The father tries not to interfere, but I sometimes even see his sympathy to me.

yesterday so I could see my mother rummaging in my bag.When I protested, she said that she has a right to full control, because it is going through and wants me well.What good is there, when such distrust?Nothing she did not find it interesting for myself, but still has not calmed down.And she sniffs me in the evenings, to see if I smoked or drank.And it's not just me in the house - almost all of my friends the same.I understand my mother, of course, but a pity that she does not trust me.But I love the parents and do not want them to worry.

I tried to talk to her, had chosen when she was not so tired and calm.I began to say that because I myself want to me it was good to meet a guy, fall in love, get married.Open up, I began to tell what imagine my future family, as we shall live, raise children, how am I going to handle, make friends with them.She listened, listened, and then said: "All these children's tale.It is a dream that will never come true! ยป

Here I read about the divorce, betrayal, arguments, and I think my mother really right?I began to look closely to their lives.It seems that we have no quarrel in the house of some, scandals, but there holidays and almost never happens.Visitors rarely come, parents are too rare somewhere to go: to work, to work, and a television.I had never thought about, but now it is strange somehow.They're not old yet - they are forty years old, and though already retired.And do not kiss ever.

This is what happens, right mom?Everything that I dream - never come true?I'm studying at the Pedagogical Institute - always I wanted to become a teacher.But what can be taught to children, if not most believe in luck?I shall soon be eighteen years old, I have been in love not once, but I dream about it.But it is in the forty years I will talk like my mother?